5 Quick Tips for your First Date you must follow for a Fantastic Time!

Don't be shy, read on!

Quick Tips for your First Date
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First off, Congratulations! Most of you reading this post have already landed the first date with that special someone or at the very least, are planning to. Now comes the hard part – the planning and execution. Oh, don’t you worry bud. We got your back! Just follow these 5 quick tips to ensure this date will be the first of many.

Dress Well: They are called ‘First Impressions’ for a reason, you know?

Make sure you dress comfortably and yet, don’t overdo it. Also, if you look good, you feel good. Confidence is the key, after all. For a casual night, we’d recommend a t-shirt or a skater dress. For a rather intimate dinner, we’d recommend pulling out those heels and polished shoes with a neatly done make-up and a blazer respectively.

Pro Tip: Perfume is essential, but don’t go overboard.

Pick out a comfortable location!

Pick out a comfortable location
Carpe Diem!

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Since this is your first date, you’d want to spend more time talking and getting to know each other than spending a couple of hours gawking at a movie screen, right? A bowling night, a visit to the zoo or just an evening at the amusement park is your best bet to strike just the right balance of conversations and having fun.

Pro Tip: Focus on the “Having Fun” aspect of it.

Avoid the Conversation about the “Ex”

In the dating world, a third date would be a good time to talk about their past. But the initial meetings should focus solely on you both getting to know each other. However, if the conversation does come up, keep it honest yet discreet. Don’t go digging for the ex-files already.

Let the conversation flow from both sides!

Always remember, as important it is to be interesting, it is also equally important to be interested. Conversations involving daily routine, hobbies, memories growing up, travel stories and ambitions are safe-space and recommended, actually. If an awkward silence ever pops up, questions such as “How was your day?” or “What are you upto these days?” should come in handy.

Be Courteous: A very essential part of your date is based on the little things

Be Courteous
Manners Babu moshai! Manners

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Be on time, keep the phone usage to a minimum, ask about their food preferences, share the bill and don’t get too drunk. This also includes following up correctly. If you did not enjoy your time, don’t tell them you’ll call them and leave them hoping.

It doesn’t seem so difficult now, does it? Follow these tips and have a great time. Do tell us how it goes. Happy Dating!