5 Problems Which Are Faced By Introverts In A Relationship

Cause they prefer text over a talk

5 Problems Which Are Faced By Introverts In A Relationship

They’re creative, most of the times intelligent, and they are full of surprises. Introverts are great people to spend time with, or date.

And even though they like their own company, they are surely able to love, care, and be passionate. However, introvert relationships are associated with certain problems and difficulties. So, if you belong to the introvert world, you will probably find yourself in the next lines.

You Need To Be By Yourself

Your partner doesn’t understand that sometimes you need to be by yourself. “Why are you ignoring me? “What’s wrong with you?” “Don’t you miss me?” “Don’t you want to hang out with me?” These questions are often asked to introverts in a relationship.

Mannu from Tanu Weds Manu is a perfect example of an introvert who falls in love with Tanu, who is an extrovert.

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Silence Is Golden For You, But Not For Them

Whenever you are spending time with your partner, a calming silence between the both of you is sometimes all you need. You appreciate the comfortable silence that you both are in. But no! Your partner wants to ‘talk’ and would wants to know about everything that has happened during the day or so. For them, Silence is not a perfect pastime!

Settling Down Doesn’t Exist In Their Dictionary

You dream of settling down, relaxing with your partner at your home, in the comfort of each other’s presence. But your partner wants to go out and meet friends and socialise. Maybe settling down has a different definition for both of you.

They Think You Have No Sexual Desires

Even if your partner is aware of the fact that you are an introvert, that doesn’t solve few problems like presumption of your sexual desires. They assume that since you’re an introvert you would be probably cold in bed. They think introverts are not passionate enough in bed.

Clicking Selfies All The Time Not Your Thing

The moment when your partner tells you to make a cute face in front of the camera, you hate it. Of course, we all love to click selfies with our partner. But, you hate to click pictures every now and then. On one hand, they want to save such precious memories forever and on the other hand, you stand there uncomfortably making an awkward face.
After reading this, all Introverts must be screaming, THIS IS SOOO ME!

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