5 Fun ways to get creative with kissing

Ideas to Muah your significant other


Most already know plenty about kissing and those who didn’t, probably learnt it watching Emraan Hashmi films. Kissing is a great way to enjoy an intimate moment. But kissing for the first time can scare the hell out of anyone, especially if it’s your first date.  There are many creative ways to make kissing fun and adventurous and make you feel a little less jittery. Here are a few creative ways to make kissing a joyful experience:

1.Emraan Hashmi Kiss

All you need is a cosy corner to cuddle for a movie, lots of pillows for comfort  and Emraan Hashmi starrer, Murder playing on your screen. The idea is to kiss each time Emraan and Mallika Sherawat kiss on screen.

2.Kiss Coupons

Make little lip shaped notes  with “Kiss Me” written on them. Put them in a box  and label the box with a Redeemable Anytime label and gift it to your partner. It can be used anytime he/she needs a kiss. Especially your partner does something that makes you happy or helps with the chores

3.Kiss with a flavour

All you need is a flavoured candy , the flavour your partner likes the most. Pop one into your mouth  and let it dissolve, then go ahead and give your partner a French Kiss. That is sure to become the favourite flavour for life.

4.Frozen Kiss

This kiss is sure to send some chills. Leave an  ice cube in your mouth  for a while and then take it out. Don’t worry if your mouth feels frozen , the fun part is to plant a kiss and while you send chills, you warm your lips.

5.Toll Kiss

This is a fun way to make travelling or driving with your partner more interesting. Make a deal to  pay a toll . The toll in this case is a kiss each time you drive through those dark tunnels or over bridges or even when you cross toll booths.

A kiss a day keeps relationship problems at bay.

Image Credits: pixabay.com, giphy.com