Catalonia Independence- 8 Day Notice By Spain

Catalonia Independence- 8 Day Notice By Spain

Spain has given the Catalan leadership eight days to drop its bid for independence or else face losing its political autonomy.

Catalonia signed a declaration of independence on 10thOctber, but suspended it allowing room for negotiation.But Spain seems to be presparing for a final showdown as it gives Catalonia 8 days to clarify its position on the demand for independence.

The government in Madrid has now given Catalan leader CarlesPuigdemont five days to say whether or not he has declared independence, Spanish news agency Efe reports.If Mr Puigdemont confirms he has declared independence, he will be given a further three days to withdraw the declaration before Article 155 of the constitution – allowing central government to suspend a region’s autonomy and impose direct rule – is invoked.

The region has been in turmoil since 1st Oct when the Catalonia held a referendum for independence from Spain. Almost 90% of voters backed independence with a turnout of 43%, Catalan officials say. Anti-independence voters largely boycotted the ballot and there were several reports of irregularities.
National police were involved in violent scenes as they tried to stop the vote taking place.

Madrid’s eight-day deadline for Catalonia to drop its independence bid could prove to be fruitless, according to political analysts, who believe that pro-separatist Catalan President CarlesPuigdemont will not back down. He began with a no-holds bar discussion for bilateral talks with Spain. After declaring independence, backing down now will surely hamper his political credibility to a great extent.

The region prepares for a great showdown as the days of this 8 day deadline will draw nearer.

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