Welcome The New Year With The Best Year-End Mashups

Let your hair down and free up your minds as the new year approaches

Welcome The New Year With The Best Year-End Mashups
Image Credit: highape.com

The year 2018 was nothing less than a roller coaster ride for arguably the whole world. So many memorable events have been tightly packed in this span of 365 days were enough to confuse one’s sense of time altogether. Somehow it felt that this year went by too fast and too slow simultaneously, especially to those who have spent a notable amount of time on the internet. Whether it be memes or movies or music, 2018 saw a prolific production of all of it through and through. And Bollywood is no exception. This year the industry released an array of versatile movies and along with them, treasurable songs. The year began with a bang with songs like Ghumar, Dil Diya Gallan, Swag Se Swagat and in the months that followed, the number of BOPs just went increasing. Standing at the end of this year, while so many of us are looking back or just simply partying it out, here are some of the best Bollywood year- end mashups that would fit perfectly with both the purposes.

Non-Stop Bollywood Melody Mashup

If your taste is more inclined towards melodious songs rather than dance items, this is your go-to year-end mashup to relive the evergreen tunes produced this year. With over 2million views, this mashup is on Youtube’s top search results.

The Love Mashup-Atif Aslam And Arijit Singh 2018

If you are in a mood to go all mushy and soft at the end of this year, then this mashup is your heaven. Given the name of the singers, not much is left to be said about the track anyway but if that is not convincing enough, how does 34 million views sound as an argument for the case?

Best Of Bollywood Punjabi Songs – What Is Better Than This For A Year-End Party?

Bollywood mashup? A Bollywood and Punjabi song mashup. Groove the last few nights of this year away to the foot-tapping numbers by Badshah, Neha Kakkar, Guru Randhawa, Sunidhi Chauhan and more.

It does not matter if Santa comes this year or not, because YouTube has our gifts sorted. Now that you have your track list in place, it’s time to get the new year bash started!