Watch Sanam’s Poignant New Music Video For Their New Original ‘Jaane De Mujhe’

This one makes a case of awareness about mental health

Watch Sanam's Poignant New Music Video For Their New Original 'Jaane De Mujhe'
Image Credit: YouTube

Sanam has come out with one more original track, which is called ‘Jaane De Mujhe.’ The highly emotional tone of the song itself is matched equally by the music video, which tells a sad story. It has been released as a VYRL Original, and has been occupying the Trending section of YouTube since the day of its arrival. Sanam Puri has composed and sung the track, while its lyrics have been penned by Kunaal Vermaa.

‘Jaane De Mujhe’ is about a lover asking for separation from the grief that befalls him due to the mental illness of his partner. “Jaane de mujhe. Kar de juda, na roz roz tod dil mera,” declares Sanam Puri in the powerful chorus. Kunaal Vermaa continues to be utterly poetic in the second verse. Its lines go, “Pyaar woh tera mera, khwab ban ke reh gaya. Jo chaar ankhon do dilon ne dekha tha. Hogi yun naarazgi, ke phir milenge hi nahi, yeh humne tumne toh kabhi na socha tha. Raatein sab taare gin gin guzaari hai. Neendein samjha ke ankhon ko haari hain.”

The composition too is on point to convey these lyrics. Sanam Puri has relied mainly on the capability of his voice for this track. He uses simple piano chords to set an atmosphere, and as the song picks up, subtle strings and drums get added to the mix. But they never manage to overpower the vocals, which shine throughout the song.

As for the music video of ‘Jaane De Mujhe,’ it features model Naghma Rizwan, along with the band members of Sanam. Naghma and Sanam Puri are the two protagonists of the story, which portrays her as suffering from a mental illness that seems to be schizophrenia. As Sanam calmly stands by her in tough times, she feels ashamed at having him endure the burden of her illness, and decides to take the dreaded step.

You can watch the full music video of Sanam’s ‘Jaane De Mujhe’ in the space above.