Tony Kakkar’s Dheeme Dheeme Music Video Stars Neha Sharma

After Honey Singh's Dheere Dheere and Guru Randhawa's Slowly Slowly, here's Tony Kakkar's Dheeme Dheeme

Tony Kakkar’s Dheeme Dheeme Music Video Stars Neha Sharma
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Tony Kakkar has released a new music video for his single Dheeme Dheeme via the Desi Music Factory YouTube channel. Just like his smash hit Coca Cola Tu from last year, this new track too has been written, composed and sung by him alone. Dheeme Dheeme’s music video also stars actress Neha Sharma. The song arrived on YouTube on May 8, and has already managed to garner more than 6 million views.

But it’s really difficult to understand why. Dheeme Dheeme is one of the most low-effort tracks you will have heard in a while. Tony Kakkar creates the same heavily auto-tuned voice as the one in Coca Cola Tu, and it ends up sounding jarring and boring. The composition is flat, and the even the hook/chorus, which is just him repeating the words “Dheeme Dheeme” again and again, is unimpressive.

And as for the lyrics, they are miles away from making any sense. Its first verse goes, “Gori tu bada sharmati hai. Tujhko sharam kyun aati hai. Kaatil teri nigahein hain. Tu kaat kaleja le jaati hai. Tujhme nasha hai, tu bilkul hafeem hai.” And here’s the second verse – “Tera husn to sabse aala hai. Mujhe pagal karne wala hai. Aaj nasha tera karke, tera aashiq marne wala hai. Sach sach bol hakeekat, ya yeh dream hai.”

Whatever the reason, Dheeme Dheeme continues to the baffling trend of low-effort songs becoming chartbusters in India. While this one is yet to be declared a hit, its 6 million views in the space of just 3 days prove that it has already become very popular. Perhaps it will take the same route as Coca Cola Tu, which has amassed more than 200 million views since its arrival on YouTube.

The music video of Dheeme Dheeme is equally basic. It has Tony Kakkar dressed in flashy clothes, behaving like a hip-hop star and trying to impress Neha Sharma with his antics.