The Best Of Abhay Jodhpurkar – The Voice Behind “Mere Naam Tu”

Abhay is here to stay with some a great playlist for future!

The Best Of Abhay Jodhpurkar - The Voice Behind “Mere Naam Tu”
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Abhay Jodhpurkar might be a new name for Bollywood music fans to rave about, but in reality, the man has been around in the music industry for quite some time now, mostly in the South Indian movie industry.

The 27-year-old singer has swept into the hearts of new audience thanks to his debut Bollywood song Mere Naam Tu from the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Zero. Since his first footstep into this new industry has been so widely appreciated, we ought to take a look at the best of some of his other, lesser known works, like:

Neene Ee Kanna: The Melifluous Soulful Track

Interestingly, Shah Rukh Khan is not the first big name that Abhay has sung for. Turns out, he has been singing for none other than A R Rahman since 2012, Neene Ee Kanna being one of the three songs he sang under his direction for the Kannada movie Godfather in 2012, with co singer Chinmanyi.

Moongil Thottam: The Ultimate Love Song

The singer is best known for his rendition of this 2013 Telegu song, again under the music direction of A R Rahman, for the movie Kadal. The song became a kind of viral sensation back then, and has over 6 million views on YouTube.

Vinmeen: The Dreamy Romantic Number

Of all the songs he recorded in 2014, Vinmeen from the Tamil movie Thegidi was perhaps the most widely appreciated one. Directed by Nivas K Prassana, the soft love song has swooped up more than 29 million hits on YouTube till date.

Tujhya Vina: The Melodious Song Of Being Hurt In Love

Abhay has not only swayed hearts down South in the country, but has also moved people with his Marathi songs, Tujhya Vina being one of the best of the list. The song is from the 2015 Marathi movie Prime Time and has been composed by Niranjan Pedgaonkar.

Allei Allei: The Song That Stays With You For Long

Very few singers can boast such an often collaboration with a maestro like Rahman as Abhay can. Out of all his songs in 2017, Allei Allei from the Telegu movie Cheliyaa, composed by Rahman is arguably the best.

Wako Naam Fakir: The Chant Of Finding Your Roots

And he has started 2019 with a bang- a collaboration with A R Rahman once again, this time for a Hindi song called Wako Naam Fakir from the upcoming Farhan Akhtar starrer movie The Fakir of Venice. This time, Abhay has not only lent his voice to a composition of Rahman, but actually has had the genius as his co-singer as well.

Originally from Madhya Pradesh, this singer has evidently reached over language barriers to deliver soulful tunes. With a successful career spanning over seven years and counting, hope his mellifluous voice is heard in the mainstream Bollywood songs more often.