Sunanda Sharma’s Songs That Could Make Your Day

A talented musician, who would soon make a mark

Sunanda Sharma's Songs That Could Make Your Day
Image Credit: Instagram

Sunanda Sharma is one of the most appreciated Indian singers trying to make a mark on YouTube and we’ll say she’s succeeding with an A+. Sunanda’s songs come up with a defined music video which tells you what the story is, and keeps you glued. If you are planning to stalk her on YouTube, there are a lot of great hits under her name. Sunanda’s style is what attracts most of us, because it is carefree yet strong. She isn’t very serious with the lyrics, but they capture you since they are from your own experiences.

Jaani Tera Not – The Popular Funky Number

This particular song has gained ground immensely on every social media. While on YouTube, this queen sits with 192 million views, it’s overall approach it quite fascinating. Sunanda’s funky gestures and fun attitude has been appreciated by her fans. What’s more? The main theme of the song is of a guy who is confused in love, and Sunanda’s being his girlfriend, teaches him a good lesson. The music video is way too funny, and would keep you glued to your seat. Don’t miss this out!

Patake – With All The Glam Of A Punjabi Number

Patake is a song which showed Sunanda’s charm to the audience. Also, Pataake is a typical Punjabi song which grandeur and valour. You see colours and beauty throughout the song. Sunanda’s visuals also played a bright game in the music video. The music video is currently at 117 million views. Patake came out 2 years ago, but it’s popularity has only increased over these 2 years. Yes, that’s Sunanda’s charm.

Morni – A Groovy Number With Lovely Visuals

Morni has a different vibe to it and it is one of Sunanda’s latest releases! What we loved about Morni is the theme, and it’s execution. You cannot help but dance to the song. Sunanda’s expressions are always on point, and thanks to her, we get to witness 10/10 visuals and acting. This music video is currently at 40 millions. C’mon, Sunanda Sharma fans, you can do better than that!

Tere Naal Nachna From Nawabzaade

This song from Nawabzaade featuring Athiya Shetty has been sung by Sunanda Sharma and Badshah. Well, if this duo is in a song, we are sure about its success. So, let’s break the good news! This music video is currently at 154 million on YouTube.

Billi Akh – An Excellent Rendition With On-Point Lyrics

The music video would take your breath away! Why isn’t this song in it’s 100 million or so already? The vocals are on point, and the strength that this song possesses is beyond any Sunanda Sharma song.

If you are a Sunanda Sharma fan, chances are, you’re already streaming her playlist, if not, here’s the beginner’s guide! Start stanning because she’s here to stay.