Suit Punjabi By Jass Manak: Swalina Steals The Show With Her Charm

A typical Punjabi music video with some freshness

Suit Punjabi By Jass Manak: Swalina Steals The Show With Her Charm
Image Credit: YouTube

Rap songs in regional language are the big rage that Indian culture is going through currently! From home parties to clubs and pubs and even weddings arrangements, Punjabi songs are gaining a lot of popularity! So much so that, many of our mainstream Bollywood movies also use popular Punjabi songs and they stay on with the audience long after the movies are gone from the theatres.

And when it comes to Punjabi songs, rappers and hip-hop Punjabi singers have become hugely popular these days, especially with their foot-tapping party numbers. Jass Manakis one such Punjabi singer whose tracks are hugely popular among the youngsters and he has kind of made a place for him in this industry with back to back hugely popular songs, almost all of which trend for days together on YouTube.

Suit Punjabi is Jass Manak’s new song with an engaging rapping series. The music video of “Suit Punjabi” stars Satti Dhillon and Swalina in the lead roles. Swalina is a very fresh face and seems to be quite a perfect match for this video. This is a very stereotypical song of a girl and a boy both of whom are very attractive. When Satti Dhillon seems to have fallen for the girl, he notices Jass Manak’s tattoo on Swalina’s wrist. One interesting thing about the video is, Swalina is seen sporting different ethnic salwar kurtas throughout the video, although the other features of the video include westernized attires and locales. Swalina, however, looks beautiful as well as gorgeous in all the appearances.

Jass Manak’s style and melody are already a hit among his fans. Suit Punjabi is one such song which has already gained a lot of praise especially from people who love upbeat and rap music. The lyrics of this song has been written by Avy Dhaliwal. Though it might be a little difficult to follow the fast Punjabi accent and words, this song can be loved by people far and wide for the sheer fresh approach it has got!

Do you like fast music and enjoy raps? If you do, this is your chance to check out the peppy beats and the rhythmic music of this new Punjabi venture by Jass.