Story Behind Badshah’s On-Stage Name, Why He Left A Civil Engineer Job & More Unknown Facts

Rapper Badshah aka Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia’s lesser known facts before his music career

Story Behind Badshah’s On-Stage Name, Why He Left A Civil Engineer Job & More Unknown Facts

One doesn’t always need to have good contacts in film, music or art industry to become a celebrity. Of course, talent is a must, but with the ever increasing usage of YouTube and other social media platforms, independent artists are lately enjoying great fame and success. Sanam Puri, Shirley Setia, Vidya Vox, Chennai Street Bands and many more are enjoying popularity all thanks to YouTube.

Talking specifically about rappers, a decade ago, it was rapper Honey Singh (read – Yo Yo Honey Singa). He came out like an overnight sensation with songs like Dope Shope, Brown Rang, High Heels, Angreji Beat, Upar Upar In The Air and now it’s Badshah, who is ruling every music chart.


Badshah aka Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia is the new rap-god. He tasted success with his debut single ‘DJ Waley Babu’. But you would be shocked to know that Badshah never thought of becoming a rap star. In fact, he is a good writer and aspired to become a director in Bollywood one day.

Did you know that some of his written pieces are so good that they can be one day be converted into books or movie scripts too? Well, we will give you some lesser known facts about Badshah, which is fun to read.

1. Badshah pursued civil engineering from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh.

2. He started rapping when he was a Class XI student. His first rap was titled ‘I’ll defeat you’ for a basketball match.

During the match a boy asked him to repeat the same rap again, and he did. Turned out later that the boy was a DJ, who called Badshah to a nearby club to perform. Singh rapped the same lines at the club and there were applauds for him.

3. He chose ‘Badshah’ as his on-stage name as he is a big Shah Rukh Khan fan.

4. He would be an IAS officer had he failed in music. He studied Mathematics at Delhi University’s St. Stephen’s College before leaving the course mid-way to pursue a degree in Engineering.

5. He even had a job as a civil engineer before he ventured into music. He had once said in an interview, “I was always a musician who happened to be a civil engineer.”

Badshah is a true example of how a true artist doesn’t need a godfather to decide his fate. On this note, let’s listen to some epic hit numbers given by this rap-sensation:

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