Spotify Premium’s Family Plan Now Live In India

Up to 6 members get ad-free access to music through this plan

Spotify Premium's Family Plan Now Live In India
Image Credit: Pixabay

Just months after its much-delayed arrival in India, Spotify has just launched its Premium Family plan in the country. The company is offering it to consumers at Rs. 179 per month, and in case you’re wondering, it gives ad-free access to music to up to 6 members. That’s quite a negligible amount of all 6 members are to split the cost between them. It is to be noted that Indian music streaming services like JioSaavn have yearly plans that are cheaper than this monthly amount, but their libraries of non-Indian music are pretty shallow compared to those of foriegn companies like Spotify and Apple Music.

As for what will be included in Spotify Premium’s Family plan, three members will receive offline music access, while all of them can get an ad-free experience for podcasts and music. Spotify’s biggest competitor is Apple Music, which has a cheaper per month family plan that costs Rs. 149. The same cost applies to Spotify’s other big competitor, YouTube Music Premium’s monthly plan. But if you’re thinking of subscribing to the latter, the YouTube Premium plan, which includes ad-free YouTube videos and access to exclusive video content, and costs Rs 189, might be a way better option.

Pricing for the monthly and yearly plans of Spotify Premium Family
Pricing for the monthly and yearly plans of Spotify Premium Family

“At a time when parents are trying to reduce screen time for both themselves and their family, we’re creating more ways for families to bond over music together, while still celebrating individual tastes and giving parents more control if they want it,” said Spotify’s chief premium business officer Alex Norström.

Spotify India’s managing director, Amarjit Batra, added, “Spotify’s Premium Family plan has been loved across markets, and we know that our users in India wanted it when we launched in February. Family time and recreation are a core part of our culture, and we want users to discover new music and podcasts through their family, without compromising on their personal taste and app experience. We are thrilled to bring this subscription tier to the country.”

Spotify Premium’s Family plan is already live in India, so you can check it out wherever you access the service from.