Sona Mohapatra’s Not So Melodious Controversy Profile

Guess What Sona’s Singing About these days?

Sona Mohapatra’s Not So Melodious Controversy Profile
Image Credit: Instagram (Sona Mohapatra)

Sona Mohapatra gained immense fame and glory in the world of Bollywood singers with her classic renditions of Ambarsariya from Fukrey, Afterglow, and Bolo Na. Apart from these, Sona is also famous for her concerts that have been held worldwide. On the personal wife, we know Sona Mohapatra as someone who has been very open about a lot of things on social media. We know her to be an opinionated lady, who has been dauntless about the comments she makes.

A series of controversies engulfed the life of this very soulful singer. However, her courageous spirit did not let her go back on her words and she stood her ground. The singer has been accused of warping a bhajan by the famous saint poet of the 17th century, Bhakta Salabega. The crux of the matter encompasses the fact that Sona Mohapatra has allegedly mispronounced some of the words of the bhajan, and that includes the name of the poet as well. This has had Sona incur the wrath of innumerable Odiyas. They did not just stop with accusing her of faulty pronunciation, which killed the soul of the song; the Odiyas went a step further by pointing fingers at her attire as well. They said it did not go very well with the song she was singing, or rather distorting.

The Fight With The Hometown

Sona Mohapatra, who originally hails from Odisha, was quite obviously enraged by this and she got back at them. She took to Twitter to express her anger as she pointed her finger at their Odiya accent and their grammatical errors while speaking English. She basically asked them buzz off, given their own history of faulty grammar and pronunciation. In a previous tweet, Sona did go a little overboard with her anger as she called the Odiyas a bunch of illiterates and threatened them that she would strip naked if they did not stop “vomiting” trash on her timeline. She referred to them as Chandis and threatened to size them up.

This led to a huge hue and cry after Sona Mohapatra uploaded the video on YouTube. It got pretty serious to the extent of her effigy being burnt in Puri. People made comparisons with singers who never hailed from Odisha, like Udit Narayan and Babul Supriyo. Their problem is that if they could sing Odiya songs flawlessly then why couldn’t Sona, who originally is from Odisha.

The Sona And Sonu Brawl

This took place a year ago. Very recently, Sona Mohapatra also got back at the legendary singer of the 90s, Sonu Nigam. Sonu Nigam defended music composer and singer, Anu Malik, who had been accused by many women, and his name was dragged in the #MeToo controversy. Sonu’s claim was that Anu Malik was being harassed without any proof. Sona Mohapatra took this very personally and spoke for all the abuse survivors out there. She thinks that the millions of girls speaking against him is proof enough, and that the word does not need to be sad about his plight because he is an offender.

This led to a huge brawl between Sonu and Sona, and a series of tweets followed. While Sonu was seen to maintain his decorum and hit Sona below the belt quite a number of times with his curtly polite comments, Sona was all out there with her wrath. It ended with an open letter from Sona to Sonu, which had ten very crucial points and which showed that Sona will never shy away from speaking the truth and following what she feels is right.

Sona’s Resilience And Impregnability

She has proved the strength of her mettle with her controversy with Kailash Kher as well. On Twitter, Sona expressed her disgust at the singer, who allegedly had made a pass at her and had even kept his hands on her thigh. He even took it a step further by saying that she was very beautiful. Now that’s a bit too much indeed.

While many female actors from the industry have come out in the open about being harassed, the fight put up by Sona Mohapatra is indeed remarkable.