Some Of The Best Tracks By Pop-Star Raja Kumari

A playlist of the top songs performed by the California-based Indian-origin artist

Best Of Raja Kumari
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Svetha Rao from California is better known to the world by her hip-hop name Raja Kumari. Her childhood days were spent learning Indian classical dance, but it was in her teenage years that she really started being recognised as a freestyle MC. And thus began a career that has till now earned her a Grammy nomination and collaborations with top artists from around the world like Iggy Azalea, Gwen Stefani, Fifth Harmony, Knife Party and Fall Out Boy. Let us take a look at some of the best songs she has given us till now.

The Come Up

This one’s a slow track with plenty of breathy vocals from Raja Kumari. It’s got a sombre vibe, but the lyrics are talking about absolute hustle. The Come Up is a song that Raja Kumari has dedicated to India, as you’ll notice at the start of its music video.

City Slums

Divine was the first Indian artist that Raja Kumari collaborated with. She has rendered a killer chorus for City Slums, even as Divine has proved once again that his raw and grounded vocals can imbibe a different kind of energy in his songs. But he is overshadowed by Raja’s own rap portion, which is just something you will want to keep listening to again and again.


Mute has got a sort of a magnum opus quality to it. This three and half minute song has so much in that you’ll be left amazed when you first listen to it. Raja Kumari raps with pure intensity in this one, and that is its true appeal. The song has also been blessed with a spectacular music video moreover.


In this hit song, Raja Kumari again chooses to deliver her lines at a slow pace, bringing more focus on the lyrics. For the song’s hook, she has chosen to recite the famous Bollywood lines, “Pag ghungroo baandh Meera nachi re.”

Believe In You

This Raja Kumari song is an inspirational one, as can be made out from its name. The lyrics of this one will really make you want to listen to it again and again. The music video of Believe In You has Raja Kumari performing Indian classical dance, and this is juxtaposed with old recordings from her dance recitals during her childhood days.

Do listen to these tracks if you haven’t yet. And let us know if there’s any other song you’d like to be included in this list.