Cute Munda Fame Sharry Man Is Back With Single ‘Love You’

Of bros, breakups, and beats

Sharry Mann Love You

‘Cute Munda’ Sharry Man is back, employing the best used techniques of song writing in his latest single ‘Love You’.

Take words from a broken heart, add friends on the side of the protagonist, mix it well with super swagger and soulful singing.Finally stir the song thoroughly with the Bhangra beats which we all love so much and Viola! the next chartbuster is ready.

It’s no surprise this is trending on YouTube this party season.Combined with catchy beats to dance to, it also has all the gunpowder needed to sparkle a few emotions even in coldest of the hearts.

Penned by Ravi Raj and composed by Mista Baaz, this song is worth a listen for sure.Especially you can’t get over your ex in this festive season.

The music video is directed by Parmish Verma.

This has been a vibrant year for Punjabi music scene, with Gurdas Maan Sahab coming up with the thought-provoking ‘Punjab’ at the start of 2017.

Jani and B Paark following up and proving their awesomeness in ‘Man Bharya’ and ‘Kismat’.Trending audio of Sharry Man’s Love You is just another testimony of growing outreach of Punjabi music.

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