What Is Shahrukh Khan And Gauri’s Music Video Musafir All About?

Watch the Music Video Musafir starring Shahrukh and Gauri

What Is Shahrukh Khan And Gauri's Music Video Musafir All About?

Despite being tied-up with his movie shoots, endorsements, promotions and so much more, Shahrukh Khan never forgets to support and stand by his wife Gauri Khan, be it for her line of home decor products or to promote her interior designs. Gauri again never forgets to compliment him, be it with her support for his production house or with her presence beside him, at any public function. When discussing about their love and compatibility this Valentine’s week, a recent music video, named Musafir, shot by the power-packed celebrity couple needs special mention.

Delving Deep into the Music Video

The recent music video named Musafir, stars the Badshah of Bollywood and his gorgeous wife. As the video starts, we see Shahrukh all suited up, lighting the candles for a royal dinner with his lady love, and just then Gauri arrives looking suave and elegant in a black dress. As he welcomes her to the table, the first thing that catches her attention, is the imperfection of the placement of the spoons kept on the table, which Shahrukh promptly corrects. This is perhaps an indication of how she has an eye for every minute detail and is a perfectionist as far as decor is concerned.

The song is a mellow toned, slow romantic number that drifts well with the flow of the video. The lyrics are meaningful and profound and mostly means, Shahrukh saying Gauri, “What would I do without you!”

As the video progresses, we see Shahrukh and Gauri bound in amorous exchanges, while Gauri turns all the drab and boring upholstery around her into charming mix and match of fabrics, just by a touch. The colors and contrasts after the transformation suit the themes and decor of every space very well, transforming the entire interiors beautifully. The curtains that flow down in front of doors and windows also match the decor and upholstery perfectly.

The song ends with the lines that mean,

“I’m surrounded by darkness, come and show me light,

I’m wandering like a nomad, come and give me a home”

So, whats the video all about?

The video is an ad film by D’Decor to promote their line of beautiful interior decor products and upholstery. And who else would be best suited for this ad film other than the talented interior designer Gauri Khan herself?

Shahrukh and Gauri Khan have been seen pairing up for a host of promotional videos for the past few years, for D’Decor, a top name in home furnishings and interior decor products. However, this video is one of its kinds and will make you love the couple and their chemistry even more!

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