Recent Creepy Songs From Bollywood For Your Halloween Playlist

Let hell loose as you dance crazily to these spooky sounds

Recent Creepy Songs From Bollywood For Your Halloween Playlist
Image Credit: Movie: Stree

Are you looking out of your dark window right now? Or better, are you reading an amazing ghost story right now and imagining a pair of hands slowly creeping around your neck? Or did you watch a horror movie, and find it difficult to go to sleep… wait, what’s that sound at three in the morning? Should you go check?

It’s Halloween season, and we are (you never know!) surrounded by all the spirits around us… right from Annabelle, The Nun, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Samara Morgan, Pazuzu and many more! While they are a part of the Hollywood horror celebrity list, we have our desi spooky songs as well! Stock up on these for a totally terrifying Halloween party!

“Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe” From Stree (2018)

The horror-comedy chart-buster right now, this song adds the right dose of fun and quirky to the scare-genre. With Kriti Sanon, Rajkummar Rao and Badshah in the lead, you can see why the skeletons, vampires, and ghosts come up to the age-old ‘haveli’ for a weekend party.

“Bhoot Hoon Main” From Lupt (2018)

It’s the time when ghosts let their hair down and go for a party! With every form of horror figure imaginable, the song is filled with creepy clips from the movie that can shake you to the core. Look out for the phrases like “sab marenge!” and “bhoot hu main!” The movie will be released on 2 November 2018.

“So Ja So Ja” From Pari (2018)

Now that we begin the horror feast, let’s begin with this haunting song by Rekha Bhardwaj. The cool-toned visual background, the flitting spirits, the dark rooms, and the chilling melody make it a combination that can turn any nyctophobiac sleepless!

“Bhoot Aaya” From Nanu ki Jaanu (2018)

Beginning with cat shrieks, this song seems to be more of a Halloween-themed party. As you start falling in love with the wolf howls, witch shrieks, and dressed-up ghosts, you realize that this is a quirky song about the mess of love.

“Gumnaam Hai Koi” From 1920: London (2016)

As they say, three in the morning for the spirits to wake up. Add to this, slowly-opening doors, flickering lights, graveyards, huge lonely mansions, distorted bodies, spirits entering bodies make for a true horror scene. Inspired by the original song from “Gumnaam” (1965), this one is truly creepy!

“Lori of Death” From Ragini MMS (2014)

Now, this is one lullaby you should never sing to anyone unless you want something scary to happen! Though the lyrics seem harmless at the beginning, they slowly descend to witches and cobras swallowing you up. Don’t listen to this song before bedtime!

“Lautungi main” From Ek Thi Daayan (2013)

What would you do if a spirit starts singing songs for you and promises to come back for you? The protagonist of the movie being a witch, there are references made to the new moon and death. And of course, there is a glimpse of the haunting chest in the song.

With a newly-curated Bollywood horror-song list, it’s time that you dress up for the Halloween party and have a good a time with friends. However, take care…shhhhh!