Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s New Single Banjarey Will Have You Spellbound

We will never get tired of his excellent voice!


With the trend of releasing singles on YouTube channels in its prime, Times Music seems to have scored a winner in the form of Banjarey, a song sung by none other than Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. It has been written and composed by Anupama Raag, and has Neetu Chandra in the music video.

The song has been given a sufi feel with its music. The tabla provides a constant rhythm, but the guitar and the harmonium are featured heavily as well. This minimalism contributes towards the soulfulness of the song’s music. And then of course, there’s Rahat’s excellent voice which does the rest.

The lyrics aren’t very impressive though. The lines “Bechaini si hai kyun, dhundhte hai sukun. Bajarey banke phire” don’t really convey the romance that the writer has in her mind. But that’s only when you analyse them on their own. When Rahat’s voice begins humming them, they fit right into place.

He is back after a short break, and has left us mesmerized with his latest performance. Banjarey has been sung by him is a soft tone, with the high notes only making their presence felt during the alaps.

Anupama Raag has done a great job with the composition. It’s the sufi feel that this song has that ends up being its main appeal. The melody isn’t something out of the ordinary though. The last time she and Rahat came together was also for a Times Music video called Saware which featured Vartika Singh and Kunal Khemu.

Coming back to Banjarey, the video itself could have been shot better. It looks amateurish when you see the shots and the editing. Neetu Chandra and model Nursultan do their job well, but it’s the director who should have given some much-needed finesse to the whole affair.

Nevertheless, it seems to be doing great on YouTube, as it has already started trending there. It will be no time before it crosses the 1 million mark in views.