Raftaar And Karma Take You Back To School With New Song Main Wahi Hoon

A neat homage to simpler times

Raftaar And Karma Take You Back To School With New Song Main Wahi Hoon
Image Credit: YouTube

Raftaar is back with a new song, and this time he has Dehradun-based rapper Karma collaborating with him on what they call The School Song. Main Wahi Hoon is the actual name of this track that has been released in the form of a music video filled with promotions of Amazon Prime Music. But that doesn’t take anything away from the song itself, which is a high-energy affair filled with nostalgia.

Raftaar and Karma try to evoke the fond memories of our school days with this track. His lyrics are a throwback to how we spent our time during those days. The first verse goes, “Jab main school mein tha, milta chaar ka samosa tha. Saat ki thi Pepsi, dus ka bin masala dosa tha. Har maheene aakhiri shani ko milte 10 rupay, aur usmein maine yaaron ko, jo bhi mila parosa tha.”

Karma’s verse has also been written on similar lines. It starts off with the lines, “Jab main school mein tha, tab samosa pahuncha 6 par. Main coffee wali chai peeta tha, mocha keh kar. Ab mauke pe main mauka leke, usko bhi pilata hoon. Main tab baawla tha, mujhko tab nahi tha banna rapper. Yaar main tab chhota tha na.”

The hook portion takes a very different tone though – “Main wahi hoon. Peechhe wali seat wala. Paperon mein cheat wala. Khota sikka dheeth saala. Main wahi hoon. Matha mera heat wala. Chhoti baatein peet dala swag.”

The music has been brilliantly composed by Raftaar. It’s filled with thumping beats that are complemented by heavy guitar riffs. This combination really works, especially with the kind of delivery that Raftaar possesses. The rapper had been out of action for quite some time, but this track sort of signals his comeback.

You can watch the entire music video for Main Wahi Hoon in the space above.