Pitbull’s Latest Song ‘Jungle’ Looks All Set To Be The New Party Anthem

Get ready to hear this one at every party to go

Pitbull’s Latest Song ‘Jungle’ Looks All Set To Be The New Party Anthem

Mr. Worldwide, popularly known as Pitbull, has had enough hits in the past for him to release a Greatest Hits album. And he’s going to do exactly the same thing next month. Ahead of it however, he has launched a new single called Jungle, produced by Stereotypes, which also has E-40 and Abraham Mateo contributing with their vocal flair.

Jungle is a straight-up party song which resembles most other songs from the artist. However, there’s still a slight level of freshness to the whole affair. It’s got some really infectious lyrics, while the vocal cameos from Abraham Mateo and E-40 really bring a lot more to the table than what a typical Pitbull song does.

The theme of the song isn’t quite original or hooking in any way. How many times have you heard the words “Shake what your mama gave ya” in a hip-hop song before? The rest of the stuff isn’t imaginative either. The song is filled with sexual references and the usual club lingo. But we’ve seen countless other such songs work over the past years, and so will this one, I’m sure.

What really impresses is the choice of music. The beat will have you tapping your foot in no time, while Pitbull’s trademark voice will bring forth its magic as well. The words he blurts out may be stereotypical, but there’s something about Pitbull’s voice that has conditioned our minds to get into the party mood.

The thing about Jungle is, there isn’t a dull moment in the song. The featuring artists, Abraham Mateo and E-40 also do a great job at keeping the tempo up. Their vocals really contribute towards making this song a wholesome affair.

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