Paintra Song From Mukkabaaz Will Get You Pumped Up For Sure

The track also acts as a short trailer for the film

Paintra Song From Mukkabaaz Will Get You Pumped Up For Sure

The release of Anurag Kashyap’s Mukkabaaz is still more than a month away. But for those waiting in anticipation, the release of the film’s first song is something to get excited about. Named Paintra, it has been composed by Nucleya and sung by Divine.

The music video of Paintra also acts as a short trailer for the film, introducing its main characters and establishing the basic plot. The song itself has all the makings of an archetypal Nucleya number, and those familiar with Divine’s music will also notice nothing new in his style of rapping.

But the fact is, both of them are still considered underground artists from a Bollywood point of view. Which is why their music will still end up sounding extremely fresh to those who haven’t been exposed to them yet.

This is perhaps the reason why Paintra sounds so similar to Scene Kya Hai which was the second collaboration between the two artists. The same high-intensity music, the same speedy delivery of lyrics and the same song structure can be heard in this one.

On its own, Paintra is a brilliant song, but the only gripe I have with it is that it sounds very familiar to the above mentioned track. For those who haven’t listened to the song though, it will definitely get them pumped up.

Mukkabaaz, which is scheduled to be released on January 12, recites the story of boxer who falls for his trainer’s niece. Apart from highlighting the problems faced by sportsmen in India, it also tries to make statements on the caste system in the country. The film was screened earlier this year at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, where it was greeted with positive reviews.