Neha Kakkar Reprises Bilal Saeed’s Baarish In New Music Video

An extremely mediocre affair

Neha Kakkar Reprises Bilal Saeed’s Baarish In New Music Video
Image Credit: YouTube

It’s become a habit for Neha Kakkar to release a new music video every other week. This week, she has decided to reprise Pakistani artist Bilal Saeed’s Baarish which he had released early last month. The new version has gained a lot of popularity on YouTube since its arrival. In fact, it has managed to grab more than 5 million views already in just around two days.

Unlike the original, Neha Kakkar’s Baarish does not start with a sher. She has chosen to jump straight to the chorus, which goes, “Kaali raat te hove payi baarish. Teri yaad kare payi saazish. Na le dil di yeh farmaish. Tu ik vaari aaja ve. Te dil zara lag jaave. Je ek vaari aaja ve. Te dil zara lag jaave.” These Punjabi lines have been penned by Bilal Saeed himself.

The true character of this song lies in its slow pace which is ideal for the story it is trying to convey. The instruments have been kept at a minimal though, with Neha’s voice assuming full control of the track. Speaking about her singing, it’s not something that will end up impressing you this time around. Known to have one of the finest voices in the industry right now, Neha Kakkar has made use of heavy autotune for this track.

And while the music video of the original song had a story woven into it, this one just has Neha Kakkar singing in front of the camera. It’s pretty bland in nature, and it seems the song and the video were both wrapped up in as less time as possible. It’s hence ironic that such mediocre work too receives so much popularity on India’s YouTube.

A few weeks back, Neha Kakkar had released another video with brother Tony Kakkar for the song, Zindagi Mil Jayegi, which has been written and composed by the latter.