Nazar Lag Jayegi Is A New Song Millind Gaba And Kamal Raja, And It’s A Cringefest

The lyrics will have you rolling on the floor, laughing.


Complying with its duty of releasing passable and overly average music videos, T-Series has released a track called Nazar Lag Jeygi. It’s a song by Miling Gaba and Kamal Raja, and it features lyrics that could be challenged and bettered even by a 10-year old.

As its name suggests, this song is a play on the hit 1990s song Akeli Na Bazaar Jaya Karo from the movie Major Saab. The singers have just picked up the chorus line, and have filled the rest of the song with cringy raps of their own.

The thing about their poetry (or the lack of it) is that they seem to be pushing in words just for the sake of rhyming. This means there are words in there that don’t make any sense, but they’ve been shoved just to create a rhyme.

Take this line for instance – “Tujhe beech sadak mein rok ke. Dunga mauke, dekhne ke mere shoke.” We don’t quite know what Millind Gaba had in mind when he invented the word, “shoke,” but if you have any idea of what it means do enlighten us by posting it in the comments section down below.

At times, when the forced rhyming isn’t a problem, the content is. It will make you wonder how this song got passed to be made into a T-Series video in the first place. Here’s a line that takes the cake with its preposterousness – “Baby mujhe kar na challenge. Lets make a movie we call it Kardashian.” I mean, what does that even mean?

Okay, just one more – “Dil ka darwaza khol diya. Teri mummy ko bhi bol diya. Aunty maine isko love story mein lead wala role diya.” Yes this is the kind of music that seems to be selling these days. How hot is it you ask? We’re talking more than 5 million views on YouTube in below 4 days. Not to mention that it’s keeping steady in the Trending section as well.

Truth is, it’s the high production quality of the music videos that makes this music look legit. Go to some slick foreign location, hire some swanky supercars, get some good looking models and have the singers wear flashy outfits. That’s the recipe which is being exploited here.

With these things in place, the audience is fooled into appreciating the package so much, they fail to unwrap it and look at the awful product.

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