Naezy’s New Song Is A Scathing Attack On Dishonest Policemen

The original gully boy is back with another energetic track

Naezy’s New Song Is A Scathing Attack On Dishonest Policemen
Image Credit: Twitter

Naezy has released a new song through this YouTube channel, and it’s called ‘Mama Mia.’ No, the name doesn’t refer to the ABBA song of the same name, but is in fact a play of words. The word ‘mama’ is a slang term used in Mumbai for referring to policemen, and they are the ones who are being targeted through this new track. The music for this song has been provided by Sez on the Beat, who was responsible for the beats included in the original Mere Gully Mein.

Naezy’s ‘Mama Mia’ is a no holds barred criticism of corrupt policemen in the country. Its hook asks, “Khaate peete rehna mama, pesha hai kya yeh tumhara?” taking a jab at their nature of asking for bribes all the time. Comments are also made on their tardiness in dealing with crimes – “Raksha karna chahiye tumko. Tum toh tehre velle. Jaan kya bachaoge, paan thuko pehle. Kaand hota pehle hai, tum pohachte baad me.” In another line, Naezy asks, “Kyu pitaay kar rahe ho, pyaar karne waalo ki. Kaand karne waale bhaage, unko pakdo inko chhodo,” referring to the moral policing that policemen are often found doing.

‘Mama Mia’ is a short two and a half minute song that has a huge impact. No words are minced while exposing the reality we all know, but are afraid of speaking about on public platforms. The music complements the rap very well, and never feels out of place. Naezy’s previous release had come 2 months ago in the form of Dhoond Le, an inspirational track. Prior to that had come Aafat Wapas, a comeback song for him, since he had taken quite a big hiatus before that.

‘Mama Mia’ is now available for streaming via major streaming platforms, while its video version is live on YouTube.