Music To Beat Road Rage

Enjoy the music, forgive and drive on

Music To Beat Road Rage

Until the day that all personal vehicles are replaced by automated public transport, one of the biggest causes of road accidents will be we emotional humans. Even the best of the safety features in our state of the art cars can’t help if we are distracted, or enraged by the person who is transducing the negative vibes. But fret not friends, there’s still a helpful feature available. Yes you guessed it right, it’s the faithful music player.

Music can certainly help in reducing stress, and that’s actually everything that’s needed to avoid road rage. Therefore listen to music, and appreciate the little things seen in the streets. 
Literally, it’s because of frustration and tepidness , we tend to commit road rage

Here goes our Desi ‘On the Road’ playlist for our beloved commuters –

Suhana Safar Aur Yeh Mausam Haseen:

Though you may be stuck at CP in the dusty Delhi traffic, or in SC Malik Road in Kolkata, assuming things are on track can create wonders. So start believing it’s a ‘Suhana’ and ‘Haseen’ life.

The Journey Song

‘Hum chalen baharon me’, keep repeating that and I bet a fellow honker won’t be able to intimidate you. Soothing Shreya, awesome Anupam would keep you and focussed and happy at the same time. Bye bye rage.

Dekha Hai Aisa Bhi

‘Haste Hasate you sab ko manate hum jayenge.’
 Lucky Ali, need I say anything more? In fact, most of his songs can help pacify any tsunamis of emotions. Get them on your playlist now.

Ham Jo Chalne Lage

Ustad Sultan Khan, Shaan and the Sarangi, indeed a terrific trio. 
This can be a traveller’s anthem too, but again journeys sometimes can be better than the destination.

Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tammanna Hai

Lata Ji would not let a single external stimulus to take you out of your comfort zone.
 When the nightingale is singing, it’s always the spring season. Even inside your Car.

Aey Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo

Road Safety instructions, life safety instructions straight from the Golden era of Bollywood.
 It’s perhaps the best reminder to keep vigil and focus on the road.

Babuji Dheere Chalna

Especially when travelling across the Silk Board junction.
 ‘Zara sambhalna’, and drive with alertness.

Aey Dil Hai Mushkil, Jeena Yahan

Zara hatke, zara bachke, indeed this is ‘Bombay’. An exchange of ideologies between between Geeta Dutt and Rafi Sahab is also valid in the modern day roads of Mumbai.

So Gaya Ye Jahan

For the night riders out there.
’Peace ho’, post a tough day’s work would be easier, just allow this song to take over. 
Good ambience is the key for a better driving experience.
 Commuters from Hinjewadi to Vishrantwadi would surely understand that.


A song about companionship, and compassion.
 Play it along hit the road in absolute amazement and forget about the weariness of the world. 
This shall surely keep you calm and composed.

Phir Se Udd Chala

When you shut down your laptop and head back home.
 Declaring your independence could never sound this serene, an instant calm-pose. 
Forget road rage and drive home happily.

Bonus:- Here are some specially composed tracks by Europcar Sweden for avoiding road rage, based on driving scenarios.

That’s all folks, let us know what tracks you usually listen to, to avoid road rage.

PS: HFT recommends listening to music at an advisable level.
Drive safely and responsibly