Most Loved Songs By Lyricist Kumaar

The lyrics that appeal to the youth as well as the experienced

Most Loved Songs By Lyricist Kumaar
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Lyricist Kumaar of Bollywood is a huge name in the industry. For people who are interested in Bollywood songs, this name isn’t unfamiliar. Kumaar has actually written some amazing numbers which include the likes of Sooraj Dooba and Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan Ve, so you get the point here! Not just this, his work was also appreciated by critics of all ages and Sooraj Dooba from the movie ‘Roy’ also received a Filmfare nomination.

Kumaar as a lyricist has created and given life to a lot of songs that are unique and way too enticing.

Paniyo Sa From Satyameva Jayate – A Moving Love Song

The lyrics of this song would transfer you to a lovey-dovey setting where a couple is flaunting their love without any fear. This song is one of Kumaar’s most discussed ones. There’s a line that goes, “tu sunti rahe, main kahaniya si kehta rahoon” (you keep listening, I’ll keep telling you a story) and that is the beauty of this song. It moves like a beautiful fairy tale!

Soch Na Sake From Airlift – The Ultimate Romantic Number

Who hasn’t heard this masterpiece yet? “Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahi, naa dena kabhi mujhko tu faasle, main tujhko itna chahta hoon, ke tu kabhi soch naa sake.” (It’s not possible to live without you, don’t let differences come in, you can’t even fathom how much I love you), this song speaks to every soul that is in love! We can help but fangirl over this one particular song which has been so brilliantly crafted!

Chan Kitthan By Ayushmann Khurrana – The Song Of Longing

Bhushan Kumar’s ‘Chan Kitthan’ has been written by none other than Kumaar. This song takes you to a gloomy place where love is the only means to be happy, and the characters try to embrace it with their hearts. The lyrics have this subtle suspense to it which makes it more appealing.

Aaj Se Teri From Padman – The Jovial Song Of Togetherness

Who hasn’t seen Padman yet? If you have, we are sure you love this one song. Also, aren’t the lyrics too sweet and you can’t help but listen to it over and over again? Well, same here! “Aaj se teri galiyan meri ho gayi, aaj se mera ghar tera ho gaya” (from today onwards, all your roads are mine, from today onwards, my house is yours), it’s time to sob!

Chitthi By Jubin Nautiyal – A Very Touching Song Of Lost Love

The lyrics here narrate a tale! It is a tale of two lovers who are going to be separated by a huge distance. The pain in the lyrics is evident and there’s no way you’d not cry after listening to this song.

These songs by Kumaar are the bests and we’ve listened to them a countless number of times. If you haven’t, listen to them right now!