Monobina Song From Gold Will Surely Make You Twist And Twirl

Monobina can lift your mood with its jovial melody

Monobina Song From Gold Will Surely Make You Twist And Twirl
Image Credit: Movie: Gold

As you might already know, Akshay Kumar’s ‘Gold’ has been in talks lately. Much to our amusement, the movie is already famous despite not being released in theaters. Also, the stellar cast of the movie is making it possible to have such a huge fan base from the very beginning, that is, the release of the teaser. What we are looking forward to is the retro look of each of the actors which would be an added extravagance to the already amazing script.

The already released songs such as ‘Chadh Gayi Hain’, ‘Dil De Diya Hain’ and ‘Naino Se Baandhi’ have made quite an impact. All the three songs revolve around the main plot as well as the subplots in the script. What we specifically love is the mood which the songs set: very jovial yet soulful and breath taking. While the world was relishing the three previous tracks, the makers decided to release another one titled, ‘Monobina’.

The title, as it suggests is the name of Mouni Roy’s character. Akshay pleads to Mouni to understand his love for him and love him back. We cannot fathom how beautiful the chemistry is between Akshay and Mouni. The song is jazzy and upbeat. The entire thing is way too retro to begin with.

It starts with a jazz dancer seducing the guys on the dance floor. Soon after, Akshay Kumar joins her pleading his wife and calling her with her name almost in every line of the song! That’s adorable, yes. Next what we find is the beautiful Mouni coming up on stage, all decked up as a ‘Bangali bou’ and singing her part of the song is in full ‘Bengali’ and the lyrics goes like ‘Kichhu bojhona chhai, cholo palai, dushtumi kano’ (you understand nothing, let’s run away, why are this naughty?) in a teasing undertone.

With Akshay Kumar and Mouni Roy holding the tags of the lead couple, we can expect a historical romance. This Reema Kagti movie, which is all about a man’s love for hockey and his determination to get India a gold medal at the Olympics and the violence that many Indians faced during the British rule would definitely be one masterpiece. We are eagerly waiting for it to hit screens this Independence Day.