Meet Dhvani Bhanushali The Girl Who’s Making Everyone Sing And Dance To Her Tunes

Dhvani Bhanushali is a complete package!


Leja Leja Re plays on a loop in my house, it’s a catchy song, shot in a very beautiful location and features a pretty young girl whose dance moves makes you want to get up and dance too. But did you know the amount of effort that went into the making of the video? Well, in an exclusive interview with Hot Friday Talks, Dhvani Bhanushal, the beautiful voice and face behind the song and video tells us that she had to wake up as early as 3 am to shoot for the song and the shoot would last till about 7pm!

“We had to wake up at 3am and then we would shoot till about 7pm for the video and this went on for about four days. The video was shot over four days, but it was a learning experience” informs Dhvani. You’ll be surprised to know that unlike most of the other singers who start singing as early as 6 year olds and do riyaaz for almost two three hours everyday at that age too, Dhvani started singing and training to be a singer only when she was around seventeen years old. She tells us, “I used to sing in school for the assembly when I was around thirteen but I never really took singing seriously. It was at one of the get togethers where I met Himesh Reshammiya and he heard me sing and told me that I was good and I should take up singing seriously. It was then that I gave it a thought and took it seriously and started my training.”

We’re glad she did because her voice is very fresh and it’s a pleasure to hear her sing. Besides singing the hit song Leja Leja Re, Dhvani has earlier sung songs like Dilbar, Ishare Tere, Naina, Veere for Veere Di Eedding, Ishetehar from the movie Welcome To New York etc. but Leja Leja Re is her first single and we can see she’s very proud of the song. She should be too, as the song has become the anthem of parties and is very very popular. Dhvani has also proved herself as a talented dancer in the video but this too didn’t come easy says Dhvani, even though she loves dancing she had to do a month of training in dance too before the video was shot. “If there’s anything else I like more than singing, it’s dance. I love dancing but I had to train for a month before we shot the Le Jaa video in Alwar.”

It’s but natural to ask her if she’s ever given a thought to acting because she’s a complete package. She looks pretty, sings well and dances and emotes beautifully too, as is evident from the video. Dhvani laughs on being asked and says, “I think I love singing more than acting. I can sing but I’m not yet sure whether I can really act so for now I’d just like to stick to singing. I enjoy singing more.”

The surprising fact is that no one in her family is a singer, they are all into different other things but not singing. Dhavni confidently says, “No one in my family is anywhere close to singing. But you know in every family there is this one person who does something completely different, well, I guess in mine it’s me!” Leja Leja Re was originally sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Dhvani has given a new voice and twist to it. “This is my tribute to Shreya Ghoshal,” says Dhvani.

And what a fitting tribute it is, we say .If you haven’t heard the song and watched Dhvani dance in the video yet, we suggest you do it soon! Here’s wishing Dhvani many many more hit songs.