MC Stan’s Reply To Emiway’s Diss Might Just Reignite Their War Of Words Again

MC Stan has gone full throttle in dissing Emiway Bantai

MC Stan’s Reply To Emiway’s Diss Might Just Reignite Their War Of Words Again
Image Credit: Youtube

Back in October last year, Emiway, with his music video titled Samajh Mein Aaya Kya, set into motion a war or words that took YouTube by storm. Nobody had expected this conflict to reach the heights it reached, but it was pure entertainment for fans. And now, when everything looked like it had finally settled down, MC Stan has come up with a new video titled Khuja Mat, in which he is seen taking pot shots at Emiway.

MC Stan has dedicated the entire track to dissing the Mumbai-based rapper. The song’s namesake is the line, “Khuja mat. Suna mat, bol bachchan suna mat,” which it begins with. Things get pretty crass pretty early on in the song. There’s tons of name-calling involved here, and at one point it really seems like two little kids are fighting with each other. MC Stan breaks into a jig while cringingly calling Emiway, “Chhote, mote, dhole, khajwe, dhapne, kale, batle, shembde, padre, hagre, mutre.”

It’ll become apparent to you quickly that MC Stan has a very good flow, but his childish lyrics end up killing the vibe. His writing lacks maturity, as was also evident in his earlier song Wata, in which he had spoken ill about Emiway for the first time. There are some genuinely interesting moments in this song, especially the one in which Stan does lighting fast delivery of a rap portion, without any beats in the background.

Khuja Mat is an amalgamation of good and bad. At the end of it, you’re conflicted about what to feel about it. I think that’s a win for MC Stan, despite the fact that his writing style needs major improvement. The song is sure to provoke a reply from Emiway, so let’s see how long a wait this will be.

In Samajh Mein Aaya Kya, Emiway had also dissed Raftaar and Divine, apart from MC Stan. While Raftaar had given immediate replies with this extremely popular videos, Divine has reportedly said that his reply will arrive in his upcoming album. Let us now wait and watch how this rivalry takes shape, now that MC Stan’s video has dropped.