Manmarziyaan’s First Song Is Called F For Fyaar, And It’s About – You Guessed It – Sex

A catchy electronic extravaganza

Manmarziyaan’s First Song Is Called F For Fyaar, And It’s About - You Guessed It - Sex
Image Credit: Movie - Manmarziyaan

We are looking forward to the next 9 days with bated breath. That’s because, Eros will be releasing the remaining 9 songs from Manmarziyaan daily, one after the other. Another thing to be excited about this album is the fact that Amit Trivedi is the music director here, and we all know what happens when he and director Anurag Kashyap come together. The first among the 10 songs from the film is out now, and it’s called F For Fyaar.

Going by its name, it’s not hard to guess that the song is about sex. F For Fyaar presents a brilliant mix of thumping electronic beats and bhangra beats. It has been sung by Mast Ali, while additional vocals have been provided by actor Vicky Kaushal as well. This track moreover, also features a long rap portion by Sikander Kahlon.

F For Fyaar has a lot of energy crammed into it, and it easily manages to transfer it into you when you listen to it. Mast Ali’s spectacular singing performance and the vigorous music by Amit Trivedi deserve lots of credit here. But there’s one more person who has contributed greatly to this track – lyricist Shellee.

He seems to have made the most of the director’s brief. With this song, he juxtaposes pyaar with fyaar, while describing the former as a mundane emotion and the latter as passionate sex. The opening line itself is hilarious – “Pyaar yaara tode dil, kaddi jod de. Fyaar yaara strong se palang tod de.”

And then there’s the chorus, which goes, “P for pyaar, hai bahaar. F for fyaar… Majedaar yaar ve. Baar baar ve. Utar na paye, yeh aisa bukhaar ve.” And the fun doesn’t stop there. In a further line, the lyrics go “Pyaar vich raanjhe majnu lut gaye. Fyaar waale jageh milte hi jut gaye.” If there is a weak point in this song, it’s the rap by Sikander Kahlon. It fits perfectly into the song, but the words sound quite amateurish.

Manmarziyaan will be Anurag Kashyap’s second film this year, after the gripping sports drama that was Mukkabaaz. This new flick has been written by Kanika Dhillon, and stars Taapsee Pannu, Abhishek Bachchan and Vicky Kaushal in lead roles. Aanand L. Rai with his Colour Yellow Productions is producing this movie, along with the four-man team of Phantom Films.

Manmarziyaan is slated to hit theatres on September 14.