Mankirt Aulakh’s “Bas Kar” – Here’s Why Every Lover Can Relate To This!

The song portraying the truth about possessiveness in love

Mankirt Aulakh’s “Bas Kar” - Here's Why Every Lover Can Relate To This!
Image Credit: YouTube

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re constantly suspecting your partner, just because they did not receive that one call? Do you get jealous when your partner has a two-minutes’ worth conversation with someone of the opposite gender, and you decide to call it quits? Well, if it resembles you a lot, you should listen to Mankirt Aulakh’s latest song “Bas Kar”, which is currently trending on #46 on YouTube. It’s a song about the insecurities that often crop up in a relationship.

Mankirt Aulakh is a singer who basically works in the Punjabi music and movie industry. Born in Fatehabad (Haryana), Aulakh made his debut with the song “Darshan Karke” in 2013. Some of his well-known songs include “Pub Ch Boliyan”, “Versace”, “Tere Bina”, “Jatt Da Blood”, “Harley 7 Lakh da” and more. His latest song “Bas Kar” is a song about the constant sense of insecurities between two partners in a romantic relationship. The song has been sung by Mankirt Aulakh, the lyrics have been written by G. Sidhu and the music has been composed by Ikwinder Singh. “Bas Kar” was released under the music label of Crown Records on 9 February 2019 and has earned more than 9.4 million views.

The music video begins with a young girl of a rich family (played by model Monica Singh) impatiently trying to call her lover, who has accidentally put his phone on silent mode. We are taken to their younger days, where Aulakh be more open in showing their affection for his girlfriend. What follows is a display of small misunderstandings between the couple as they unfairly suspect each other of cheating on them. Though the matter has been shown in a humorous way, it actually points towards the lack of trust in most modern-day relationships. There are scenes where Monica suspects Aulakh waving to another woman from the balcony, while in another, Aulakh steps in front of Monica so that his friends know that she is his wife.

Coming to the music, it has more of a Punjabi bhangra beat rather than the conventional EDM or rap flavour that is usually associated with Aulakh’s songs. The lyrics are in Punjabi, and it adds the much- needed energy to the song. Presenting to us a new forms of cheesy love relationships, Mankirt Aulakh’s “Bas Kar” is a funny take on the other side of modern relationships (needed now that Valentine’s Day is only a couple of days away).