“Makhna” By Yo Yo Honey Singh – Are The Sexist Lyrics Back?

It has the beats to groove to, nothing else!

“Makhna” By Yo Yo Honey Singh - Are The Sexist Lyrics Back?
Image Credit: YouTube

Known for his objectionable lyrics and controversial songs, Yo Yo Honey Singh enjoys a mixed reputation among the younger generation. Born as Hirdesh Singh in Hoshiarpur, Honey Singh prefers to sing in his native language Hindi with a smattering of Punjabi rather than in English. Singh has brought out several albums, singles and composed a number of film soundtracks, apart from acting in acting in some feature movies as well.

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s latest single “Makhna” sparks off a new trend in the history of beach parties, with a number of other singers as well – namely, Neha Kakkar, Singhsta, Pinaki, Sean and Allistair. The lyrics of the song have been written by Yo Yo Honey Singh, Singhsta and Hommie Dilliwa and the music has been composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh himself. The music video was released on 21 December 2018 under the music label of T-Series, and has earned over 3.9 million views in terms of a couple of days. “Makhna” features the gorgeous supermodel Nidhi Sunil as well.

Coming over to the lyrics, Yo Yo Honey has tried his best to clean up his lyrics (he has been reportedly accused to promoting violence against women. However, phrases such as ‘par main hu womaniser’, ‘silicon wali ladki’, ‘brown girls’ and referring himself to a ‘sher’ aka tiger doesn’t really help his case. And, let’s not forget the part where he becomes a ‘shikari’ ready to devour the woman concerned – what kind of lyrics are these? It sounds like Honey Singh’s doing a favour to these women by giving them some much-needed attention yet feels himself to be entitled to comment on their bodies – uh, no.

Compared to the lyrics written by a genius(es), the visuals are of your regular beach party that you can only dream of. Set in Cuba (as mentioned in the beginning of the video), Honey Singh is dressed in a flamboyant red suit while Nidhi Sunil looks amazing in her tropical-printed dresses. In fact, the entire music video can be described as vibrant and colourful, which doesn’t make up for the more trashy lyrics that follow.

In my opinion, it’s the public that has made Yo Yo Honey Singh to be such a huge pop culture icon. Let’s face it, there are better singers than him who sing better songs. If nothing else, at least our YouTube feed will be blessed with good songs.