Mainu Mangdi: Prabh Gill’s New Song Says Love Needs No Words

A romantic song with a lovely video to touch your heart

Mainu Mangdi: Prabh Gill’s New Song Says Love Needs No Words
Image Credit: Twitter

Directed by Frame Singh, T-Series brings to you a heart-melting song that centers on the affectionate relationship between a couple – based on the concept of “love knows no language”. The video stars Punjabi singer Prabh Gill and model Ginni Kapoor, who was earlier seen in the rap song “Black Suit” by Preet Harpal back in 2015. Maninder Kailey is the lyricist behind the soulful words, and Desi Routz has given its lovely melody to the words. The song is sung by Prabh Gill, and the video features Gill and Kapoor as a much-in-love married couple.

The video begins with the monologue that ‘love doesn’t need words’, a theme that resonates throughout the song. The story is set at Prabh Gill’s mansion where he has just received an invitation to the “Annual Farmers’ Welfare Meet” by a group of men.

Once you start appreciating the beauty of the lyrics and music, the song speaks of how there is always one person in life who will love you the way you are. You will be touched at the expression of trust and communication between the couple, even though their love story isn’t entirely perfect. Communication is an integral part of their relationship, which is beyond what ‘normal’ couples usually experience. The video has its moments of fun and mischief between husband and wife – but it is the ending that melts your heart. The language is Punjabi, yet even a non-Punjabi speaker can easily work out the meaning and storyline.

The chemistry between Gill and Kapoor is one of understanding and maturity – just how a relationship should be. There is little to no dialogue, yet they manage to brilliantly portray their love for each other through expressions. Unlike most love songs with a hidden message, this song does not overwhelm you with emotions but simply shows you the beauty of a loving couple with no outward display of affection.

“Mainu Mangdi” proves that Punjabi music is not always about alcohol, expensive cars racing down empty night streets, rap, flashy clothes and skimpily-dressed women. This heart-warming music video will certainly bring a smile to your face, and make you believe in true love once more.

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