“Ludo” By Tony Kakkar – A Club Song Worth-A-Watch Nothing More, Nothing Less

The same old love story with a better background

“Ludo” By Tony Kakkar - A Club Song Worth-A-Watch Nothing More, Nothing Less
Image Credit: YouTube

After enjoying the huge success of “Coca-Cola Tu”, singer Tony Kakkar is back with another single by the name of “Ludo”. Born in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand in 1984, Kakkar made his debut in the Bollywood movie industry with “Saawan Aaya Hai” from ‘Creature 3D’ (2014). He is known for his first Punjabi song “Ankhiyan” in 2015 as well. Brother of Bollywood playback singer Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar’s “Ludo” is currently trending on YouTube at #5 and has seen more than 7.3 million views on YouTube.

As mentioned, “Ludo” has been sung by Tony Kakkar with a rap section featuring Young Desi. Young Desi has recently emerged as a popular freestyle rapper in the Punjabi music industry, gaining fame in Kakkar’s “Coca-Cola Tu”. The lyrics and music have been composed by Tony Kakkar himself, while the music video has been directed by Keoni Marcelo. “Ludo” was released on 23 September this year under the music label of Desi Music Factory.

Tony Kakkar’s “Ludo” is your everyday pick-up song, where the guy gets attracted to a waitress serving him in a restaurant and daydreams about her. The Hindi-infused-with-Punjabi lyrics are all about his instant attraction to her and the time that they spend together after their first meet. There are references to shayries, Gulzaar, and Snapchat as well, giving the song both of a poetic yet contemporary feel. You can recognise the Spanish influences in the beginning and interlude with the guitar and stroke instruments which change into faster beats and a rap section by Young Desi.

The music video is a surprise, but not quite. Set in a dim background in a restaurant (with no other guests or staff present), the scenes quickly change as Kakkar takes his ladylove to a house party which is filled with guests. At last, he finds a private space to talk, after which he finds out the real truth. You would like the dark, dimly-lit setting which adds to the contemporary feel of the music video, though nothing really seems to make sense in the song otherwise.

As a conclusion, Tony Kakkar’s “Ludo” reminds you of all the Yo Yo Honey Singhs and Baadshahs in our midst. Though the song is worth a watch, it does not offer you much other than the same old boy-meets-girl love story.