Let’s Talk About Sex, Through Music

New glam rock band Overhung, that is out with their first album ‘Moving Ahead’ talks to HFT on why Indians are ready for music that truly breaks the barriers

Let’s Talk About Sex, Through Music

Mumbai based rock n rollers, OverHung, a four-member band, are aiming to change the face of Indian pop music. Through their hard rock music, they aim to talk about things that matter but have been pushed under the carpet for far too long. Their songs are full of direct references to sex and the young members of the group insist that Indians are ready for debauched melodic hard rock.

The band comprising Sujit Kumar (Vocals), Howard Pereira (Guitars), Crosby Fernandes (Bass) and Sheldon Dixon Drums have just been signed up to re-release their album in North America by a Canadian record label. Now all set to take their music global, the group insist that they are making the most melodic hard rock since Guns ‘n’ Roses.

HFT catches up with guitarist Howard Pereira from the band to tell us more about their music and why they find sexual references in Bollywood poor in taste.

Your songs are about sex. Please elaborate
Howard: Sex is the dominant tone of the first album ‘Moving Ahead by Overhung’ which also features songs about insanity, love, war and female infanticide etc. Although we do love to sing about everyone favorite pass time, no one readily admits it.

Why do you think this uninhibited approach is required in Indian music scene?
Howard: Dialogue about sex at an early age is not as much of a taboo anymore but that’s relegated to too few and far between. Unwanted pregnancies, STDs, Female infanticide, not to forget peer pressure and stress – everything can be dealt with in an informed manner if we are open to communicate about sex.

Are there any other contemporary Indian artists who are talking about sex in their music?
Howard: I think there are sexual overtones in all music. We are a little more direct since we play glam rock. But everything from Bollywood to Indie music is pushing sex in some form or the other but the sexual innuendo in Bollywood music is extremely poor in taste.

What are your inspirations?
Howard: Zero, Split, Guns n Roses, Philip Sayce and many more. Also, The Rock Dwayne Johnson.

Tell us about some of the lyrics that best describe the mood of your music?
Howard: She likes it with the girls, she likes it with the boys, she likes it all alone, She Loves her toys. – Sex Machine

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