Kaam Bhaari’s New Music Video Shows Us What ‘Asli Independent’ Artist Means

The enigmatic rapper is back, this time via Ranveer Singh's own record label

Kaam Bhaari’s New Music Video Shows Us What ‘Asli Independent’ Artist Means
Image Credit: YouTube

Ranveer Singh announced yesterday the launch of his record label IncInk, and its first song is already out in the form of Zeher, by Kaam Bhaari. This track has a distinctive vibe going for it that’s given to it by Kaam Bhaari’s unique flow and the spirited dubstep music that accompanies it. And then there’s the music video that’s shot like a proper gangster film.

Kaam Bhaari’s rap is about the exploitative nature of corporate businesses, and how he wants to escape the same. The video presents a hyped up version of the same. It has Kaam Bhaari being held hostage and being made to sign a contract with a music label against his wishes. He chooses not to do it, and exits the room, after a gunfight ensues. He then passes other people who too are being made to sign exploitative contracts.

This part of the video allows the makers to add some high-profile cameos into the mix. While Spitfire is seen falling prey to their tactics, SlowCheeta is shown to be fighting back. Anushka Manchanda is also part of the video, and is shown to be signing the contract with teary eyes. And then there’s Ranveer Singh, who is shown be behaving like his usual self.

After Kaam Bhaari’s eponymous song from the soundtrack of Gully Boy, Zeher comes as quite a surprise due to its hard-hitting and mature lyrics. Lines like, “Vishay hai ye vish ka, ab zinda kal mar ja. Sar chadh jaaega jab tab ghar ja. Tu lad ja ya mar ja. Dasne wale lakh naag kuch toh apne saath saath hain. Raat raat mein jo kaatein tujhko” really come as surprises. And the music too is top-notch. It has been composed by Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda, who is also known as RĀKHIS.

With Zeher now out, we’re eager to know what other independent artists will be promoted by Ranveer Singh’s IncInk.