Kaalakaandi Music Review: As Wild As The Film?

We review the music of Saif Ali Khan’s Kaalakaandi


The trailer of Kaalakaandi looked very promising. It seemed like the kind of film that will end up pleasing audiences with its informality, more than anything else. Well, the music of the film is out, so let’s see whether the same informality exists in its songs or not.

The music for this album has been composed by Sameer Uddin and Shashwat Sachdev. While the former has only been active as a background score artist till now, the latter has lent his talent to Phillauri before this.

The album starts off with its most attention-grabbing song. Called Swagpur Ka Chaudhary, it goes full electronic with its music. Akshay Verma adds a rural touch with his voice, and gives this song some nice uniqueness.

The second song is called Kaala Doreya, and is a take on the Punjabi folk song of the same name which has a girl complaining about her in-laws. Sung by Neha Bhasin, it does not stand out in any way.

Jive With Me on the other hand, is an impressive track. It’s got a vintage vibe going for it with its swing music. Next comes the title track of Kaalakaandi. The lyrics are filled with some light profanity, with lines like “Jab khud ki humne zor zor se maari” finding place in it. This one’s definitely a catchy number.

Aa Bhi Jaa, a song rendered by Vishal Dadlani and Abhishek Nailwal is another weak link in the album. The song has a lot of experimental music, but there’s no overall charm to rave about. It sounds more like something composed just to act as background music.

Overall, the music of Kaalakaandi is pretty average. It remains to be seen now whether the same is true for the film as well.

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