Ishare Tere is Guru Randhawa’s New Single Featuring Dhvani Bhanushali

Will this one rock your next party?

Ishare Tere is Guru Randhawa’s New Single Featuring Dhvani Bhanushali
Image Credit: YouTube

In association with T-Series, Guru Randhawa has launched one more song among the numerous he has been releasing lately. This one features singer Dhvani Bhanushali who recently also sang the Dilbar song from the film Satyameva Jayate. The new track is called Ishare Tere, and is an out-and-out party song with your regular list of tropes all blended in.

It is not at all surprising that the song is still in the Trending section of YouTube after having been released two days ago. Also, it has grabbed more than 10 million views on the streaming website already. In case you’re wondering, this track has been composed by Guru Randhawa himself, while its lyrics have also been penned by him alone.

The hook line of this song goes, “Ishare tere kangne de. Tareeke dil mangne de. Mera vi dil chori keeta. Fan tera ban gaya yeh,” to which Dhvani’s voice reacts with the lines, “Saiyan teri har gal jhooti aa. Tere hath vich kis di angoothi aa. Har kudi naal ve tu gal karda. Ja ja ve main tere naal roothi aan.” This establishes a flirty atmosphere for the track, before it drops the beat on us.

This beat-drop is indeed an exciting one, and will definitely make you shake a leg if you’re on the dance floor. However, the lyrics that follow sound extremely juvenile, and take much away from the song. Read the lines yourself – “Baby teri smile priceless. Baby teri dress backless. Lakhan da aa tera necklace. Karda aa mainu impress.”

The singing performances from both the artists cannot be criticized at all. We can say that they have done justice to the song, but the overuse of autotune, especially for Dhvani’s voice reflects poorly on the producers.

The music video takes place inside a club, where Guru Randhawa gets floored on seeing Dhvani arrive. He then approaches her while singing the first verse to make it clear that he is interested in her. Instead of getting creeped out however, Dhvani replies with her own verse to keep the music video going. Oh yes, and there’s a big product placement in the song as well, in the form of the OnePlus 6 smartphone.

The music video of Ishare Tere is live now on the T-Series YouTube channel, but you can watch it in the space above.