Instagram Now Allows You To Add Song Lyrics To Your Stories

Unfortunately not available in India for now

Instagram Now Allows You To Add Song Lyrics To Your Stories
Image Credit: Instagram

Last year, Instagram blessed its Stories feature with the ability to add licensed music, in a definite move to compete with the emergence of apps like TikTok. While that feature is still to make its way into India, the company has enriched it furthermore by giving users the ability to add song lyrics to their Stories.

Instagram has been really upgrading its Stories quite a bit lately. Last year, the company added support for SoundCloud, Spotify and Shazam as sources for songs to be added to them. And earlier this year, it even made it possible for users to share what they’re watching on Netflix in their Stories.

The lyrics feature will give users the choice of deciding if they want to display the lyrics of the song they are posting to their Stories. They will even be able to customize the text style, animation and some other tiny things. Instagram has made it clear that the new feature will only be available in regions that currently have access to the app’s music library, which means it won’t be available in India.

Searching through the songs will work as it works right now, and once you’ve chosen the part of the song which you wish to add to your Stories, you will be able to use the lyrics as a reference point. This applies only to the songs that have their lyrics available, of course. Once the lyrics get added, you can then tap on the words to customize how they will appear.

A while ago, we heard murmurs about Snapchat also being hard at work readying the ability to add music to its Stories. A few weeks ago, the company was reportedly in talks with the world’s three big music giants, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. No further news related to this development has come forward since.

Like we said, the lyrics feature in Instagram Stories is limited to regions that have access to its music library. If you wish to make it work in India, do follow the instructions given in the video posted above.