Holi Special Non-Film Folk Songs To Set Your Mood

Every state has its traditional Holi song

Holi Special Non-Film Folk Songs To Set Your Mood
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The welcoming of the spring season, the festival of colours is back again! The pichkaris, colours, gulal, sweets and white clothes are synonymous with the vibrancy and energy of Holi, but is that where the list ends? Of course not! How can a Holi party be complete without songs celebrating the season? While we’re at it, let’s move over Bollywood (the generic ‘balam pichkari’ and ‘rang barse’ are so 2018, aren’t they?) and bring back traditional Holi songs from all parts of the country. So, why not go back to those days and reinvent the simplicity of those colourful songs with our modern Holi-playing techniques?

2000 Vi Chaar Ke Phagun – Holi Of Our Childhood

What’s Holi without some classic Bhojpuri Holi songs? Part of the well-known album ‘Phaguaa Express’ by Manoj Tiwari, who has given us some of the funniest songs from the Bhojpuri music industry – “2000 Vi Chaar Ke Phagun” has been sung by Tiwari, Bela Sulakhe, Sumeet Babu and Rekha Rao. The music video centres on the dour of them playing Holi in the garden, just like we used to in our childhood.

Hey Radha Nakhrari Sawer Mal Saini – The Mythological Hint

Released under the music label of Chetak Cassettes and sung by A, “Hey Radha Nakhrari Sawer Mal Saini” is a Rajasthani folk song based on the festivities of Holi. Of course, the song seems to take the love story of Shri Krishna and Radha as well, as they are constantly referred to in the song. Though slightly old-fashioned for our tastes, it will certainly bring back many memories of our parents.

Aaj Holi Khelenge Ke Dekhai Khadi Chaubare Mein – Perfect For Lathmaar

A Haryanvi folk song based on Holi, the song is set in a small town where a young man invites a young woman to play Holi with him. Of course, the woman retorts and this soon becomes a game of its own. The song is sung by a number of singers such as Fouji Karambir and Aarti Duggal. The motif of water balloons plays an important part in the song, as they symbolise fun and the festival of colours quite appropriately.

Kanak Sunehri – Good One For The Holi Party

When talking about popular Holi songs, a Punjabi option just has to be present to spice things up. “Kanak Sunheri” is actually performed by the Punjabi singer Kadir Thind, who is well-known for his other songs “Lost – Sohna Sohna” and “End Jatti”. The music video is set at a Holi party, where Kadir falls in love with the girl of his dreams. Though the ‘Holi’ element loses its magic by the end of the song, it’s still a good choice for your party.

Holiya Mein Ude Re Gulal – The Must-Have Holi Song

A song about the energy that is prominent during Holi, Ila Arun’s Holi song, “Holiyan Mein Ude Re Gulal” is a popular song that one must listen to. Though a very old song, it will add some nostalgia to your uber-cool Holi party.

Moving over the usual Bollywood mashups, these non-filmi Holi songs will bring back the real culture of the festival without the words ‘daaru’ and ‘bhaang’ thrown in every other line. Save these up for your upcoming Holi party, and enjoy the compliments for your choice of a Holi playlist!