Here’s Why ‘Maye Ni’ From The Punjabi Movie Guddiyan Patole Is Everyone’s Favourite

A sensitive song that would touch every heart

Image Credit: Movie: Guddiyan Patole

The latest song of the movie “Guddiyan Patole” named “Maye Ni” was released on 11th March and is already trending on YouTube with 5 lakh views and counting. The song is sung by Gurnam Bhullar and stars Nirmal Rishi, Sonam Bajwa and Tania in the video. The lyrics of the song are given by Harinder Kour and the song is composed by V Rakx Music.

While the movie has already been released and doing pretty well at the box office the producers are releasing the songs to keep the buzz of the movie alive. This latest song is full of emotions and beautifully portrays the struggle of a mother for her family. The song talks about the selfless love of a mother and how devoted she is towards her kids. It also highlights the contributions of a mother towards her family which largely goes unnoticed.

Coming to the video of the song, it is set in the rural background featuring scenes from the village and is pure visual delight. It showcases the happy times a family spends together as well as how the actresses who are new to a village find everything around them so joyous and loveable.

The song is really melodious and the music is catchy and something which you would want to hear on repeat for days. The song is soulful and the lyrics also effortlessly convey the essence of the song and the purpose.

Whoever has heard this song can vouch for it that it is addictive and really emotional. In one video they have assimilated both happy times and sadness of a mother. All in all, we would like to say that it is a heart touching song with exceptional lyrics and music. With a video that compliments the song so well, there is no flaw that we could point out in the song and if you haven’t heard it already, do that now and this song would honestly make you want to watch the movie as well to know what happens in the story and how it ends.