Heer Badnaam From Zero: Katrina And Her Badass Stardom

The song of betrayal and break-up

Heer Badnaam From Zero: Katrina And Her Badass Stardom
Image Credit: Movie: Zero

It is the D day for Zero, and it is an even bigger occasion for Anushkha Sharma, Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. Just a day before the release of this much awaited movie, this amazing song was released, and Katrina has just left us gaping at her stupendously fantabulous role. Truth be told, Katrina has been underestimated throughout, and she is indeed a lot more than just a pretty face or an impeccable dancer.

Heer Badnaam from Zero has been picturised on this diva and is dazzling to say the least. Katrina Kaif plays the role of a movie star in Zero, and Heer Badnaam brings out the fact that this movie star is alcoholic. The song has myriad glimpses of her life as a superstar, and it also carries a sneak peek into her inner world, where she is seen as an alcoholic.

Babita Kumari, the role played by Katrina in the movie, is a breathtakingly beautiful actress in the movie. However, her role comes with a twist. We have never seen Katrina in this avatar before. She seems to have finally done it right with the right script and director. She has an unabashed aura about herself, which has portrayed very vividly in the song. The song’s opening has Katrina being careless about her strap and she is very proud of it too, as she honestly says that this is exactly what the media wants. And that is just when we know that we are going to love Katrina in her brand new avatar.

Babita Kumari in the song seems to ace any role she is chosen for, be it a death scene or a scene of action. We have another surprise for us in the song, and that is the appearance of our favourite Abhay Deol, who plays the love interest of Katrina Kaif. If we watch the video closely then we’ll put two and two together and know that their relationship must have gone sour, and that could be because of Babita’s drinking problems; or her alcoholism could have emerged after the relationship was dead. Either way, we must watch the movie to find out.

Coming to Shah Rukh Khan, he plays the role of Bauaa Singh, who is an ardent fan of Babita Kumari. We love it how Heer Badnaam unfurls an important part of the relationship that develops between Bauaa and Babita. We love it how Bauaa Singh holds back Babita’s hair as she pukes owing to her alcoholism, and we cannot help but weep a bit as we see Babita throwing Bauaa out of her life at the end of the song.

Overall, Heer Badnaam, sung by Romy and composed by Tanishk Bagchi, is a great song, and echoes the tunes of Daaru Badnaam by Param Singh and Kamal Kahlon. Just like Bauaa Singh, the viewers of the song are equally enchanted by the aura of Katrina and we cannot take our eyes off of her even when she is oozing out arrogance as he gives her fans the finger.

Zero releases today, and we are sure it’s going to be a treat to all of us.