Ghar Layenge Gold – The Newest Nostalgic Sports Anthem

An inspiring new track filled with energy

Ghar Layenge Gold - The Newest Nostalgic Sports Anthem
Image Credit: Movie: Gold

Every time Chak de India came on the TV we would be overcome by this sudden rush of adrenaline, moments like that are after all, hard to forget. We have had moving patriotic/sports songs since a long time. The title track of Laskshya, Ashayein and songs from Lagaan are inspiring and endlessly powerful. They are bound to leave an impression on you long after you have stopped listening to them such is the effect of the new song from upcoming Akshay Kumar movie Gold called Ghar layenge Gold, only better. Each lyric is imbued with nationalist sentiment and in the face of massive global crises, songs like these have emerged as more relevant than ever before.

Daler Mehendi and Sachin Jigar have done a wonderful job with this immensely patriotic song and the lyrics have been penned by Javed Akhtar. If this song doesn’t motivate you then nothing will. The song provides a glimpse into Akshay Kumar’s unwavering and headstrong resolve to win gold in the Olympics and the steeply escalating music is bound to keep your heart pumping. Gold is already a hit with the audience because of it’s moving trailer and song releases, but it is bound to steal the show with this one song.

Akshay Kumar termed it the greatest “anthem” of the year on social media. Hopefully this beautiful song will bring some of the attention back to our not so revered national sport through it’s projection of determination and strength of character. Throughout the course of the song Akshay kumar is seen making the selections of the hockey team, while we get a sneak peek at the other characters and the various hurdles that they may have to overcome in order to accomplish the task at hand. The movie marks the debut of television actress Mouni Roy whose sprawling romance is seen in another song – naino ne baandhi.

Gold by Reema Kagti will hit the screens on our Independence Day
Gold by Reema Kagti will hit the screens on our Independence Day

Image Credit: Movie – Gold

Reema Kagti’s movie which attempts to recreate the story of India’s historic 1948 win has incorporated this inspiring track very cleverly which reflects similar themes, ambitions and aspirations as the overall movie. Gone are the days when “we will rock you” or “ we are the champions” were played every time sports day was observed. You should switch to these Hindi tracks which are vigorously zealous and stimulating.