Get Updates From Your Favourite Musicians Now Just By Googling Them

The rich Google search feed just got even richer

Get Updates From Your Favourite Musicians Now Just By Googling Them

Google always keeps updating the way its search results appear, especially on smartphones. The company has now introduced a new feature which allows musicians and artists from all over the world to share daily updates with you.

This means the moment you search for a particular artist, the results will include a tab featuring the updates that they have personally written only for those who search for them. And these tabs will all have a verified badge, indicating that the updates are indeed legit and coming from the artists themselves.

Now this is not much different from the Twitter posts that appear along with search results of big stars. The only change is that Google allows the musicians to personally write these messages for those who search for them, as opposed to Twitter posts which appear on the website’s timeline-based feed.

All musicians from around the world can access this particular feature if they decide to sign up for it. At the moment, big guns like Lorde, Steve Aoki, Sia, Son Little, Sofi Tukker, Shakira and Kygo seem to be onboard, but more are sure to follow suit soon. You can search for their names on your smartphones to view their messages.

Apart from text, the messages posted here can include images, videos and even GIFs. Viewers will also get to see when the message was posted by the artist, apart from their previous messages.

In order to be eligible for this, a musician must have their own Knowledge Panel on Google, which is a small description of themselves, accompanied by their social media lists. If they do possess the same, they can easily sign up to get the new feature.

Google recently celebrated Mario Day (March 10) by adding the beloved Nintendo character to Google Maps. The feature, which is still available by the way, turns the blue navigation arrow on the map into a visual of Mario moving along on his trusty Kart. It’s a fun little Easter Egg which you should definitely try out once.

Coming back to the new feature, you can check it now by Googling the names of the above mentioned artists on your smartphones.

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