These Garba Tracks With EDM Will Surely Give You A Reason To Break A Leg

Add some energy to your garba playlist this Navratri festival

These Garba Tracks With EDM Will Surely Give You A Reason To Break A Leg

Music is all about fusion, and this is most evident when two distinct genres blend together to give us something unforgettable. One such unique marriage is that between garba and EDM (Electronic Dance Music). With Navratri having arrived, here are 5 such songs that you should definitely listen to if you happen to be a fan of these two genres.

Shantabai EDM and Garba Mix

Shantabai became so popular a year or so ago that it’s still fresh in our minds. The song is known for its funny lyrics and peculiar B-grade style. The artist here has not just added EDM to the song, but also given it slow garba beats to make it fit for any garba night.

Maro Sona No Ghadulo Garba Rap

Maro Sona No Ghadulo is one of the most popular garba songs out there. But this version adds an EDM twist to it, which gives the song an excellent pace and great rhythm. And to add to that, this track contains some really catchy Gujarati-English rapping as well.

Catch this trippy garba track here:

Khali Bali Garba Mix

This one takes another very popular garba track, Khali Bali, and fuses it with traditional dhol. The EDM influence is a bit low on this one, but you can certainly notice it in some parts. This is a great track for showcasing your fast moves this garba season. Catch this one here:

Animals Navratri Mix

For a lot of people, Animals by Martin Garrix happens to be their favourite dance track. A Navratri version of the same will hence be greatly appreciated by them. This version does nothing but add the magic of traditional percussion instruments to the extremely popular song.

Trance Garba

For all you trance music fans out there, this particular number is sure to hit right home. It mixes garba tunes with some mesmerizing trance music. This song moreover has a pretty well made video as well which you can watch in the space above.

Check out this trippy video here:

There you go; 5 tracks that combine the power of EDM with the fervour of garba songs. We hope you have a great Navratri this year.