Gal Karke By Inder Chahal Is A Pretty Tale Of Sweet Love

A soft and melodious love song

Gal Karke By Inder Chahal Is A Pretty Tale Of Sweet Love
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The music industry is booming with innumerable productions from the Punjabi music world. We are proud to proclaim that India is coming up with a plethora of talented musicians who, with the right training, can go a long way to fulfill their aspirations. Myriad Punjabi musicians are taking the cue from their mentors like Badshah and Yo Yo Honey Singh, and we really hope that more of such dazzling superstars get to be a part of Bollywood soon.

Gal Karke is the latest Punjabi track which has become a hit in the Punjabi music world and currently boasts of 3.8 million views on YouTube and is also trending. The song opens with soothing music which gets us immediately hooked to it and the song continues to weave a wonderful tale of love. It is a good song with some meaningful lyrics and some real heart touching music but the video of the song gets boring after a while and has a very abrupt ending

Inder Chahal has lent his soulful and fresh voice to this beautiful Punjabi number and the words of this tale of love have been penned by Babbu. Ranjha Yaar is behind the fresh music of Gal Karke. The video of the song opens with the knight in shining armor getting in the middle of a fight amongst a group of youngsters. This guy is the one who steals the heart of a lady in a car. It is a proven fact that girls have a feeling for guys in goggles and who own a bike. And if the guy is blessed with a good heart, then it works like a cherry on top.

The story of Gal Karke has a similar story and the music of the song has some peppy beats which attract our attention at the very first go. However, the weird part in the video is when we catch the pretty girl lip syncing with the voice of a man. The story of the song takes a different turn from the usual boy meets girl drama. Here we see the girl following the boy to the extent to which it can almost be called stalking, so smitten is she with this handsome Punjabi Munda.

The song sort of dies down towards the end and there is not much to look forward to. True, we have not seen much like this before but the music of the song and the beats do get monotonous after a while and we tend to lose our interest that way.

With a car mending trick the girl finally gets to gather the attention of the guy and the song ends with the girl in love falling for a severe bout of jealousy. However, like most love stories, this one too has a happy ending, however abrupt it may have been.

Gal Karke is a good song and Inder Chahal has a lot of potential. He will surely go a long way with the right guidance.