Farhan Akhtar’s Debut Album Echoes Tells the Tales of Life

Every track has a different set of emotions

Farhan Akhtar’s Debut Album Echoes Tells the Tales of Life
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A lot has been written about Farhan Akhtar’s love life and about him tying the knot with his beloved in the recent past. But somehow amidst all the hue and cry, something has been lost. The aura of the real Farhan Akhtar, who is not just a great actor, but also a very talented singer. He is an actor, a screenwriter, a director and a producer. He has given us some amazing movies which are truly worthy of remembrance.

Farhan Akhtar’s debut album, Echoes, is that part of his life which has been cathartic, for it gave him a chance to reconnect with himself. It is an album which weaves the tale that Farhan has to tell, and the voices in his head are responsible for the absolutely magical compositions of the album. Out of the total 11 singles in the album, some of the great songs include:

Rearview Mirror – The One With The Retro Tone

This is Farhan’s first single from his album, and the greatest thing about this song is the retro music which takes us back to the 80s. The song is all about self-introspection and it seems like Farhan is creating magic with the use of his voice and his carefully chosen words. Even though there are certain parts of the song which did not go down pretty well with the audience, but the soft rock tunes of the song have been great.

Why Couldn’t It Be Me – The Song That Tells The Tale Of Childhood Dilemma

This song will ring many bells about our childhood and bring back a series of images that we all were a part of, during our days of carefree pleasure. Why Couldn’t It Be is an amazing song, and Farhan Akhtar’s voice and the beautiful lyrics of the song works towards making this one a great listen. The song is the result of an article which came out after the Peshawar attack when the Taliban shot 200 school children dead.

Seagull – The One With Impactful Music

Seagull is a song with which you will connect emotionally; such are the beautiful chords of this song. The song is the result of a poem which Farhan had composed twenty-five years ago, and when this poem was transformed into music, it created magic.

Pain Or Pleasure – The Absolute Retro Rock Track

It seems like Farhan Akhtar has been spouting truths about life through Echoes and this song is about the truth of any relationship. The song has a vibrant groove and all the people going through the highs and lows of relationship will relate to this amazing track.

The album “Echoes” not only weaves the tale of Farhan Akhtar’s life but everyone can relate to the stories in the tracks, hence making it a great album.