Famous DJ Chancha Via Circuito Shares About The Marriage Of Folklore And EDM

Chancha picks up traditional sounds and instruments and mixes them with EDM

Famous DJ Chancha Via Circuito Shares About The Marriage Of Folklore And EDM
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Music is a feeling and you need to imbibe the myriad vibes and cultures of the world, to come up with something people can connect to. One such interesting person who also believes in this philosophy is Pedro Canale, but the world knows him as the EDM rage Chancha Via Circuito, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Chancha Via Circuito has tried his hands at the myriad American musical influences like reggae, folklore music, Peruvian cumbia, cumbia sonidera, and Columbian cumbia.

When sharing with HotFridayTalks.com about how his journey of bringing together traditional music and EDM began, Circuito says, “This idea to mix folklore and traditional rhythms from South America with electronic music came 12 years ago. This was the time when I started travelling around South America and began discovering traditional music of our land. That’s when I fell in love with traditional music, but at the same time, I was pretty interested in electronic music as well. So, the mix was just inevitable. I just went home from these back-pack travels and started mixing traditional music with electronic stuff.”

“Although I am from Argentina, I discovered the traditional folk music of Latin America later. At a more tender age, I was more fond of listening to Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Massive Attack etc. So, the beauty of traditional music was kind of a re-discovery for me, though I was not initially very interested in this genre” remarked Chancha Via Circuito.

About how he comes up with the unique tracks, Circuito shares, “I just sit down in my studio and start building the beats. I add traditional music at certain points, the synthesizer at some places and sound effects at other places. It is like half and half. I often invite my other musician friends at my studio we make music together, they can listen to my music and judge and sometimes improvise on them and that’s how I come up with the final track.”

Among others, Circuito is particularly fond of traditional music by Simon Diaz from Venezuela, Victor Jara from Chile, José Larralde from Argentina and so on.

“I am very fond of Mexican culture, and I feel very close to it. I really like, how the people enjoy their music there, but I also love the way Asian people react to their music and connect to it,” says Circuito when asked about his favorite experience out of the many countries he has visited for music shows.

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Circuito seems to be quite interested in Indian music and our musicians too. “I love to use percussion sounds from India, I really love the tabla and its sound. I love Indian singers and their voices are just incredible. I am also very fond of the famous sitar musician Pandit Ravi Shankar. I know the singer, M D Pallavi from Bangalore, she is a beautiful singer who also works with music producers from Germany, for their mixes.” he says.

As a message to music lovers throughout the world, Circuito says, “I am very fond of hybrid, fusion music. The mixing of the several cultures in the world through music is something that people need to discover and explore. Every person should be aware of the musical treasure that rests on their own land.”

Here’s wishing Chancha Via Circuito all the best for his career in music and we hope we will get to hear more incredible music from him in the years to come.