Enjoyed The Gully Rap War? Here Are A Few Parody Rap Songs To Make You Laugh

Some hilarity to lighten up your day

Enjoyed The Gully Rap War? Here Are A Few Parody Rap Songs To Make You Laugh
Image Credit: YouTube

These past few weeks had us privy to a big war of words that erupted among gully rappers in India. While it has subsided now – at least we’d like to think it has – there are a few funny parody videos cropping up on YouTube these days. We’ve picked out three gems among them and made this list for you to enjoy. Let’s get going with it then.

Bohat Hi Zyada Hard

This one uses hooks from various Emiway songs to rap about mundane topics like rickshawallahs and watchmen. Even its title itself is a parody of Emiway and Thoratt’s Boht Hard. Raftaar’s Sheikh Chilli has also been parodied in this one. The people who have created this track call themselves Dependant Artists, which is just them taking a dig at all the gully artists calling themselves independent.

Gully Mein Apne Kutta Bhi Sher Hai

Now here’s a song that takes no prisoners while going for a diss. This group called Adiacot Music has tried to absolutely rip apart Divine and Emiway, particularly the former, on whom they’ve put allegations of being a sellout, of hiring people to speak good things about him and of carrying the independent tag despite being on contract with Sony Music India. What’s impressive is their one-take music video that has been filmed in the style of the Kiki Challenge.

Gari-B Ki Kahaani

Gaurang Bailoor of Tadpatri Talkies regularly releases hilarious parody rap tracks. Gari-B Ki Kahaani is trying to be a commentary on how almost every gully rapper is using their poverty as a means to grab attention. The rap in this one is expertly written, the flow is great, and then there’s Gaurang’s comically nasal voice that takes the cake.

We are indeed looking forward to more such funny parody videos hitting YouTube in the coming weeks. They are a healthy dose of fun after the immensely serious diss war that had taken YouTube by storm.