Emiway’s Spits Fire In His New Diss Track Samajh Mein Aaya Kya

He targets Raftaar, Divine and MC Stan in this one.

Emiway’s Spits Fire In His New Diss Track Samajh Mein Aaya Kya
Image Credit: Instagram

Emiway Bantai, better known as just Emiway, has released a fiery new diss track titled Samajha Mein Aya Kya. In this song, he has targeted the likes of Raftaar, MC Stan and even Divine. The video has grabbed immense popularity ever since it arrived on YouTube, having grabbed more than 2.5 million views in only a few days.

Emiway has chosen to start the song by playing back an interview by Raftaar in which he has suggested that rappers like Emiway aren’t able to earn money through their music. Thus begins his rant against Raftaar, which goes something like, “Raftaar ka interview dekha mai. Usme usne bola Emiway kamaya kya? Mere video pe jo bhi paisa maine lagaya. Vo saara paisa bantai tune lagaya kya? Maine kamaya kya? Maine gawaaya kya? Maangne ko paisa mai ghar tere aaya kya?”

The second verse has been dedicated to dissing Divine. His beef with this rapper seems to be on the same topic of whether Emiway is able to earn money through his music or not. He chooses to imply that Divine is riding on the pride of having a label backing him. The lines go, “Sign hona bura nahi. Lekin mere hote hue khudko bada bolna nahi. Bolneka hai to phir asli independent ban ke dikhane ka. Sona chadahane ka, gehna lagaa ne ka. Har mahina mere jaisa bantai video banane ka.”

Things get really fired up in the next verse, where Emiway chooses to use explicit words to diss MC Stan, a Pune-based rapper who has quite a long-standing beef going on with him. This verse has the funniest lines in the song, but it’s also got ugly lyrics, which make fun of MC Stan on the basis of his looks. This is something that points towards the immaturity of the singer.

Emiway also goes on to glorify himself and Naezy for mentoring other rappers in the business. He says, “Sab kuch mere khud ke kamaayi kaa. Gaadi le sakta hu, phir bhi mai scooty pe. Kyunki alag wajab tere bhai kaa. Mujhse koi niche nai. Mujhse koi upar nai. Mumbai ki boli mai, rap karna tujhse nai. Mujhse aur Naezy se seekhele. Phir jaake ke likhele. Tab jaake dikhele.”

Emiway’s Samajh Mein Aaya Kya has its small problems, but overall, it’s an extremely well-made song.